Seoul’s Starfield Library Is An Experience Not To Be Missed – Gigantic Bookshelves And Pretty Decorations!

More than 50,000 books and magazines for everyone


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You don’t have to be a bookworm to be attracted to this stunning 2-storey library in the middle of Starfield COEX Mall. Located in the largest underground mall in Asia, the library is just as magnificent/massive, and features 13-metre tall bookshelves, photo-worthy decorations and over 50,000 books!


Check out how cute Starfield Library’s festive Christmas decorations are! Source: @sakura8189

For those of you  who can’t read Korean, don’t worry – there are various international magazines that you can browse through.


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Plus, since its located in a mall, the library also has extra perks – there’s a cafe for you to quench your thirst in the midst of exploring!


Sopresso offers drinks like milk teas and coffees in bottles! Source: @sopresso_coex


There are a range of cakes for you to choose from too! Source: @capture_atmosphere


Source: @sopresso_starfield

It doesn’t hurt that the sprawling shelves make for a great photo backdrop too, so go ahead and make your friends jealous!


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Now you know where to head to the next time you’re in Korea to snap some stunning pictures!

Starfield Coex Library

Address: B1 and 1F, Starfield COEX Mall, Seoul 06164

Opening Hours: Daily | 10AM – 10PM


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