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SG’s Latest Taiwanese BBT Store Has Handmade Pearls And A Gorgeous Floral Feature Wall!

Afternoon milk teas, fresh smoothies, silk cocoa and more

Good news if you’re a bubble tea lover who works near Fusionopolis – Winnie’s is a whimsical bubble tea store hailing from Taiwan that just popped up (22nd October)! Boasting a wide range of staple Taiwanese teas and Taiwan-exclusive beverages that will leave you spoilt for choice, it also features an Instagrammable tropical-themed feature wall as a background for you to take pictures of your drinks!
Known as Winnie Drinker in Taiwan, most of Winnie’s ingredients such as their tea leaves and fruits are shipped directly from there to maintain the authenticity in Singapore’s outlet. What’s even better is that their water is filtered till it replicates the water quality of Nantou, Taiwan which is also used by Winnie Drinker!
Winnie’s pearls – black sugar and honey – are handmade from scratch, giving them a chewy and flavourful taste!
Note: All the drinks listed are large-sized and of 70% sugar unless otherwise stated.

English Afternoon Milk Tea, $3.90


Inspired by the famous Japanese Afternoon Milk Tea, this English Afternoon Milk Tea is made with full-bodied tea leaves that gives it its subtle earl grey aftertaste. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of earl grey – the maltiness from the tea is perfectly balanced out by the creamy milk that is sure to curb your milk tea cravings!

Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea, $5.50

For all the fruit-tea fans out there, the Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea is a must-try as it’s filled with a pleasant surprise – crunchy apple bits that will burst with sweet and fresh apple juice! Paired extremely well with the refreshing and light green tea, it’s a healthy thirst-quencher too.

Black Sugar Oolong Milk Tea, $4.10


You’re in for a sweet treat if you order Winnie’s Black Sugar Oolong Milk Tea! Boasting a hint of aromatic smokiness that’s highly addictive, it’s infused with caramelised black sugar that transforms it from a regular milk tea to an extra creamy and flavourful one.

Lychee Rose Nectar with Aloe Vera, $5.70

Just like its girly name and bright pink colour, the Lychee Rose Nectar really is exquisite! Made with a smooth blend of lychee rose nectar, this drink has many layers to it – the fruitiness of the lychee, the pleasant floral fragrance, and the sweetness of the nectar! What’s more, the aloe vera bits are soaked with sugar syrup, making them even juicier!

Ferrero Rocher Silk Cocoa, $6.20


With chunks of Ferrero Rocher blended into this drink, it’s no wonder why this Ferrero Rocher Silk Cocoa is called “silk cocoa” – it’s rich, creamy, and luxurious! It was a pleasant surprise that it wasn’t too sweet either, and chocolate lovers can expect a silky chocolate-base drink that’s topped up with more Ferrero Rocher, giving it a nutty and richer taste. It’s definitely worth your $6.20!

Taiwan Mango Smoothie, $5.90


Made with fresh mango puree imported from Taiwan, the Taiwan Mango Smoothie is sweet, fruity and silky! A cup of this smoothie will definitely satisfy your mango cravings, and it’s the perfect chilled drink to beat Singapore’s hot weather!

Black Sugar Fresh Milk with Honey Pearls, $5.50

Of course I had to save the best for the last – the Black Sugar Fresh Milk is my favourite drink from Winnie’s! Made with creamy Japanese fresh milk mixed with sweet black sugar, be prepared to satisfy your tastebuds with a cup of liquified dessert! As an added bonus, it went perfectly well with the handmade honey pearls that were chewy yet soft, complete with a floral aftertaste.


Winnie’s pearls sold out in just a few days because it’s just too good so make sure to head down as soon as you can so that you can try it out for yourself too! Another Winnie’s outlet is opening in March next year at Republic Plaza, so keep an eye out for that!


Address: Galaxis,1 Fusionopolis Place #01-34, S138522

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri | 11AM – 8PM  Sat | 11AM – 2.30PM


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