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We’re no stranger to hidden or speakeasy bars in Singapore, such as a swanky bar hidden behind a tailor shop, an elegant bar tucked behind a painting or even a posh Victorian-inspired bar with a bookshelf entrance! If you have a penchant for hidden or concealed bars such as these, you should definitely add 60ml by Asador to your list!

Located within the confines of Spanish restaurant Asador Singapore, 60ml is a discreet vintage-inspired bar that’s hidden behind an unassuming mirror! At first glance, you’ll only see a regular vintage-looking mirror on the wall—mottled with stains and smudges, no less— but look a little closer and you’ll find a gold button. Press the button and let the mirror slide open to reveal one of the coolest bars you’ve ever seen! 

The concept of the bar is essentially like a speakeasy, but the inspiration behind the decor and hidden notion is a nod to the post- era of 1933, when the ban on alcohol was finally lifted in the United States and all bars that were previously forced to stay hidden could now operate freely. 

As for the bar’s name, 60ml: this is because unlike usual bars that make their drinks with 30ml pours, all of the straight drinks at 60ml are made with 60ml pours of alcohol for that extra kick. Make sure to snag the bar seats for the best view of the gorgeous back bar, and to watch the cocktails being made before your eyes.

The space itself is pretty compact, giving off a very intimate vibe; the bar also plays some jazzy music so you can really get in the mood. The decor is bold with a distinct retro feel, with framed posters depicting various liquor and spirit brands that were banned during the 1920s to early 1930s. 

Spiced Margarita, $25

Marctini, $25

White Negroni, $23

As for drinks, 60ml has their own range of signature cocktails that are a spin on the classics: marrying both old and new bartending techniques for cocktails that are familiar yet novel at the same time. If you’re down for drinks that are stronger and more spirit-forward, definitely go for the Smoked Sazerac ($28), Spiced Margarita ($25), Marctini ($25) or White Negroni ($23). 

Smoked Sazerac, $28

Out of these drinks, the Smoked Sazerac is definitely a show-stopper: a pretty pink drink that packs some serious punch with a side of theatrics as the cocktail is smoked just before serving, giving you wafts of hickory smoke as soon as you lift the lid. This cocktail is served with a side of sweet orange brittle that helps to ease the biting bitterness of the drink. 

Reverse Espresso Martini, $22

Piña Split, $24

If you’re looking for lighter drinks that are easier to drink, go for the Reverse Espresso Martini ($22), HHR’s Favourite ($24), Piña Split ($24) or the Basil Smash ($22). The Reverse Espresso Martini is like a boozed up version of an iced mocha drink and is perfect if you need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the work week. 

HHR’s Favourite, $24

Basil Smash, $22

The Basil Smash and Piña Split are more refreshing and fruity options for if you just want to go for some light drinking. The (rightly named) HHR’s Favourite is definitely our favourite cocktail of the night, thanks to its sweet, easy-to-drink quality. Have it with a bite of the candied ginger provided for a little extra spice and heat. 

Chips & Dips, $12

60ml not only serves some killer cocktails, they also have pretty solid bar bites. One of our favourites from the food menu are the Chips & Dips ($12) that come with generous portions of guacamole and Canarian mojo dips. The chips made from thinly sliced root vegetables are fried to crispy perfection and lightly salted, tasting absolutely delicious both on their own and with the dips. You can also opt to add more chips for an additional $3 if you want—and you most likely will as they’re just that good. 

Anchovies, $10

60ml Bikini, $12

‘Ibérica’ Sliders, $16

Other more substantial food options include the Anchovies ($10), 60ml Bikini ($12) and ‘Ibérica’ Sliders ($16). The 60ml Bikini is undoubtedly one of the bar’s most popular and signature food items: made with absolutely no meat, only vegetables, this dish tastes nearly identical to pizza thanks to the addition of sundried tomatoes and cheese. 

60ml makes for a luxe and intimate drinking experience and you’ll definitely want to stay here all night just soaking in the moody vibes with great food and drinks; topped with superb and attentive service by all the friendly staff. 



Ambience: 4/5

Food/Drinks: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: $$

Worth a visit: Amazing moody vibes and theatrical cocktails! 


Address: 51 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427775

Opening Hours: 5.30pm-12am