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If you’re a fan of the concepts under The Blackhole Group, you’re probably no stranger to the cult-favourite Tipo at 785 North Bridge Road. That original Tipo outlet has since moved out to Aliwal Arts Centre, and now replacing the cosy space is a brand new and exciting concept: Tipo Gnocchi!

Gnocchi is a dish that’s not commonly found in Singapore, much less an entire café dedicated to all things Gnocchi! Tipo Gnocchi is here to fulfill all your gnocchi dreams, with a vibrant and eye-catching Hermès orange-themed storefront—you definitely won’t miss it.

For the uninitiated who are unfamiliar with gnocchi (pronounced nyow-kee), here’s a little 411 on this uncommon dish. You might think that gnocchi is just another type of pasta, but it’s actually closer to the dumpling family, made from potatoes and flour to give you a soft, light and airy little pillows. The gnocchi pillows at Tipo Gnocchi are handmade fresh daily: each piece lovingly kneaded, rolled and shaped by hand. Texturally, gnocchi is much less al dente than your regular pasta, with a softer, more tender bite and only a subtle chewiness. 

Like Tipo’s other pasta counterpart, Tipo Gnocchi also has a build-your-own gnocchi (from $12) option where you can choose your own sauce and add your favourite toppings like Sous Vide Egg, Chicken Sausage, Black Lumpfish Caviar, Truffle Oil and more! 

Duck Ragu, $24

We opted to try some of their signature house specials, and out of the ones we had, the Duck Ragu ($24) was definitely our favourite. Robust and flavourful, the sauce came with uber tender duck shreds that sopped up all that savoury and rich sauce and just about melted in our mouths. Our only regret was that we wished there was more of that stew-like sauce.

Seafood Kombu, $28

Something a little more unique would be the Seafood Kombu ($28), a Japanese twist that’s served with a clear broth instead of a thick sauce. This one’s more on the umami side, especially with the kombu and clam-infused yuzu broth. The lemon oil also really helped to brighten and lift up the dish. If you like more light flavours, you would enjoy this one as the broth itself is pretty subtle and not as deep or heavy as the other sauces. 

Mushroom Butter, $26

A popular favourite would be the Mushroom Butter ($26), a creamy mushroom sauce that tastes pretty much like how it sounds, save for the slight acidity thanks to the pickled shimeji mushrooms. We would have liked for the earthy mushroom flavour to be more pronounced throughout the sauce itself, instead of being more on the “buttery” side. But overall, this one’s a good, foolproof option if you’re unsure what to get. 

Crispy Potato, $8

White Grape Mocktail, $9; Wild Mint Mocktail, $9

Nothing goes to waste here at Tipo Gnocchi, and the potato skin scraps that are left from gnocchi-making are transformed into these beautifully battered and fried Crispy Potato ($8) that’s perfect as a sharing appetiser. Thanks to the potato skins, each piece is ultra crispy and crunchy; perfectly salted and dipped in a tangy lemon aioli—we couldn’t ask for more.

Across the board, we would have loved it if each gnocchi dish came with much more sauce/broth, as the round-ish gnocchi pieces were quite plain tasting in the middle, unlike regular pasta noodle shapes that are ridged or flat and can hold much more sauce. Overall, it was a lovely experience at Tipo Gnocchi and we would definitely recommend it if you’ve never had gnocchi before. Note that Tipo Gnocchi is not Halal-certified, but it is Halal-friendly.


Tipo Gnocchi

Ambience: 3/5

Food/Drinks: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Price: $$

Worth a visit: Definitely come if you’ve never tried gnocchi before! 


Address: 785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198753

Opening Hours: 11am-10pm daily