Singapore's First-Ever Ice Hotpot at Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi

Imagine watching a mountain of ice melt before your very eyes into a sweet piping hot broth filled with premium seafood ingredients – that is just a glimpse of what to expect when you dig into Fujisoba’s new Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot ($28++ per person, minimum 2 pax), Singapore’s first-ever Ice Hotpot. This is an innovative approach to the traditional hotpot dish introduced by Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, Japan’s number one soba restaurant located at 100AM Mall in Tanjong Pagar.
Upon first glance and first thought you must be wondering, how does ice and hotpot go together? It is actually white chicken and shrimp stock that has been carefully broiled before being frozen overnight for serving the next day. The cold frozen broth helps to keep the seafood ingredients at its freshest while waiting for the broth to dissolve and also allows the natural sweetness of the seafood and richness of the broth to fuse together while melting into a flavourful piping hot broth to enjoy.
Perfect for a cold rainy day, you can really taste the natural sweetness of the seafood and richness of the broth blended together to create a soothing naturally sweet and aromatic chicken and seafood collagen soup filled with nutrients from the ingredients. Indulge in the array of premium seafood ingredients found in the icy hotpot like sashimi-grade Argentinian Aka Ebi (Red Shrimps), Murugai (Mussels) from New Zealand, Snow Crab from Greenland and many more!
Do keep an eye on some of the seafood ingredients like the shrimps and salmon and remove them slightly earlier to prevent it from being overcooked.
Once you are finished with the hotpot, any remaining ingredients can then be removed and placed on the side in a separate bowl as more broth is added before soba is added in.
Fujisoba freshly makes their soba in-house where it follows the golden ratio of Ni-Hachi – meaning 2-8, where the wheat flour (20%) to buckwheat flour (80%) ratio to creating the perfect soba is 2:8. High-grade wheat flour and buckwheat flour is flown in from various regions of Japan and the soba made is then stored in a controlled temperature room to keep it at its freshest. As such, Fujisoba’s soba is thicker in consistency, heavier on the stomach and more texture as you bite through the soba. Portioned according to the total number of people sharing, the ice and seafood ingredients are then laid into the hotpot where a group of up to four pax can share from the same hotpot. The Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot will be available for week-day dinners and all weekend at an affordable $28++ per person, with a minimum of 2 pax.
Treat yourselves this festive Christmas season! Celebrate with your friends and family with Fujisoba’s 6-course Party Hot Pot Set (Festive price $49.80++ each, U.P $65++ per person); a feast with 5 other dishes that will perfectly complement the Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot.
While waiting for the ice melt, start off your meal with an Appetizer plate, it consists of a variety of sides in sample sizes such as Soba Sashimi, Shredded Japanese Yam, Salmon Sashimi, Japanese Fish Cake, Namul(Bean Sprout Salad), Duck ChaShu and Edamame. The Duck Chashu is very nicely marinated though it may be slightly on the saltier side. Contrary to that, the Shredded Japanese Yam has a very light and refreshing texture that is otherwise pretty much tasteless on its own. By eating them together, the flavours help to balance each other out. If you like Japanese ginger, you will enjoy the Namul. The bean sprout salad with slices of ginger has a refreshing and flavourful taste where the ginger taste does not overpower the bean sprouts.
Ni-Hachi SOBA Salad
The fried soba is very crispy with a savoury crunch to it. It reminds you a lot like the childhood mamee snack, except a lot crunchier with more texture and flavor. The fried soba goes well together with the fresh bed of greens with yuzu salad dressing that is very light and sweet with a slight citrusy zest.
Followed by the grilled dishes:
Dashimakitamago (Tamago with Crab Meat Sauce)
Doused with warm crab meat sauce, the tamago soaks in the sauce and creates a comforting and chewy texture as you bite into it. The truffle bits inside the tamago gives the dish a slight truffle aroma that elevates the dish and does not overwhelm the flavours of the crab sauce and egg.
Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki (Teriyaki chicken with Japanese pepper)
While the teriyaki chicken is slightly dry, the yakitori salt adds a savoury kick to it that complements the teriyaki sauce. The leek and Japanese pepper adds a nice crunch to the entire dish where the leek retains its crunch slightly while soaking in the teriyaki sauce and the Japanese pepper adds a subtle spicy punch that helps to prevent the entire course thus far from becoming too rich.
Jako to Shishito Itame
While the Japanese pepper gives a nice crunch with a strong taste and subtle spicy aftertaste, this dish may be too salty for some as the saltiness of the ikan bilis can be slightly overwhelming.
Mash buckwheat Tempura
Served with matcha seasalt and sweet sauce on the side, the mash buckwheat is fried and served tempura style. While it is fried, the tempura is not too oily and the outer layer is just the right thickness such that it gives a good crunch to each bite before sinking your teeth into the warm mash on the inside. The consistency of the mash is similar to steamed yam, except the mash has a softer consistency with more texture due to the grains of the buckwheat, producing a comforting warm feeling when savouring this.
Everyone has space for desserts! Finish up the meal by indulging in the Matcha Warabi Mochi with Caramel Sauce. The ice cream on its own does not have a strong green tea taste, as such the sweetness of the ice cream is slightly overpowered by the gooey caramel sauce. Enjoy the ice cream together with the matcha warabi mochi for a burst of flavours and textures in your mouth! The cold jelly-like sticky texture of the mochi complements the outer matcha layer and cold ice cream to leave a refreshing aftertaste in your mouth – the perfect way to end your meal.
Priced affordably at $49.80++ per person this festive season, this 6-course Party Hot Pot is definitely a value for money. Fujisoba’s 6-course Party Hot Pot will be launching on the 1st December 2017 – Pre-booking starts now!
To celebrate the launch of the Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot, Fujisoba will be holding a special launch promotion where all reservations made from the 1st to 30th of November will be entitled to enjoy 1 Snow Crab Leg per person. Available whilst stocks last so reserve at least a day in advance to avoid disappointment. Make your reservations here.
Also, in conjunction with Fujisoba’s first anniversary, all standard soba dishes on the menu will be going at 1-for-1 prices from 20th to 30th November 2017. So mark your calendars and head down to Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi!
Address: 100 Tras Street
#03-14, 100AM Mall
Singapore 079027
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday

11AM – 3PM, 5.30PM – 10PM
Contact: +65 6443 8827

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