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Singapore’s First Ever Tea Capsules Are Eco-Friendly And Compatible With Nespresso Machines

These tea capsules will impress your guests and add elegance to your kitchen.

Tea Capsule in Nespresso Machine

Source: A.Muse Projects

A.Muse Projects, a local artisanal tea brand, has finally brought tea capsules into town! Adorably coined “Tea Pods”, these tiny capsules contain loose tea leaves in them, and allow you to enjoy freshly brewed tea in a fraction of the time that’s usually required. Made compatible with Nespresso machines, all you need to do is to pop a capsule into the machine, press a button, and voila – your tea is ready.


Tea Pods

Source: A. Muse Projects

Don’t worry about the taste being compromised – A.Muse Projects is a speciality tea company inspired by the subtle elegance of tea leaves, and the tea capsules are simply an alternative for those who don’t have the luxury of time yet still want to appreciate and enjoy quality tea regardless! 

A. Muse tea

Source: A.Muse Projects

The Tea Pods currently come in 2 flavours: Earl Grey, a classic black tea, and Peach Green, a refreshing fruity tea. A third flavour, Chamomile Lavender, is still brewing, pun intended. You can buy a set for $18 with either 12 Earl Grey or 12 Peach Green, or an assorted set with 6 of each flavor. Here’s a tip – each capsule can be brewed twice to maximise the cost! What a deal!

The Tea Pods are available here.

Written by: Nelly Sabrina


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