Skip The Busy Chinatown – Here's Where To Get Unique CNY Decor!

Bid goodbye to insane crowds and typical decorations

Chinese New Year is just around the corner which means it’s time to beautify your house. There are lots of typical decorations sold in Chinatown and pretty much any other shops you see around, so this is why we’ve collated a list of shopping alternatives for you to lay your hands on some quirky, adorable and attractive decorations! Happy shopping!

1. The Little Dröm Store


How cute is that lil’ pineapple?! Source:The Little Dröm Store

Even though paper plates might be the go-to option when serving your guests, why not host them with a little more sophistication this time? Not only will they be impressed by the plate’s cute pineapple design, but they’ll also get to snap lots of Instagramable pictures of their food!  

You can get this microwavable CNY-themed plate from The Little Dröm Store’s Strangely collection for $12.90 each here. What’s more, there are even ‘Huat Ah’ keychains, notebooks and tote bags that you can check out on their website!


Huat Ah Notebook: $6.90. Source: The Little Drom Store


2. The KCottage Studio


 Source: KCottage Studio

Here’s another great alternative if you don’t wish to head outside to shop for wall decorations – simply pick any design that catches your eye on The KCottage Studio’s website, personalise your chosen wall decoration with a text of your choice, and they will then deliver it to you in a few days. Doesn’t that sound amazingly helpful to the lazy ones out there? /winks/

KCottage Studio’s wall decorations and plaques are not only famous for their pretty designs, but also because they’re all made of long-lasting materials like plywood and acrylic, with prices ranging from $50 to $80.


Oriental Surname Wall Decor: $50. Source: KCottage Studio


Wood Oriental Surname Plague: $60 each. Source: KCottage Studio

Click here to browse The KCottage Studio’s ‘Chinese New Year 2019’ designs and place your orders.

3. Masons Home Decor


Fabric CNY Lanterns. Source: Masons Home Decor

Fancy some exquisite lanterns? Masons Home Decor has got you covered with its collection of fabric Chinese New Year lanterns that come in a variety of colours. Each holds its own unique significance, in which red is for well-being, green is for longevity and purple is for happiness!

What’s more, there’s up to 53% discount on their website which means that each lantern is now retailing at just $15 to $19. If you like to be extra fancy, opt for their Luxury Lantern ($129) instead.


Luxury CNY Lantern. Source: Masons Home Decor

Click here to start shopping online on Masons Home Decor.

4. HipVan


It’s a life-sized pineapple tart cushion! Source: HipVan

Allow your guests to feel cosy as they snuggle up to some adorable CNY-themed cushions! HipVan has a variety of cushions to feed into the festive vibe – Pineapple Tart Cushion for $33, Mandarin Orange Confetti Cushion and Huat Ah Pineapple Cushion for $19 each, and many more.


Source: HipVan

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.10.56 AM

Source: HipVan

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.11.57 AM

Source: HipVan

Check out HipVan’s Chinese New Year-themed cushions here!

5. Mint Home


Source: @shopminthome

Instead of your usual festive banners, Mint Home offers banners with creative 3D styles where the graphics will “pop out” and they’re all just $8 each!


Source: Mint Home


Source: Mint Home

And if you’re looking for a festive rug to suit the theme of your home, you’re in luck because there’s even an adorable Pineapple Floor Mat which costs only $18!


50cm x 80cm floor mat: $18. Source: Mint Home

Shop online here and redeem a free delivery service for orders above $150.

6. Naiise


Love with brass frame: $49. Source: Naiise

Achieve a gorgeous grand-looking house with Naiise’s beautiful decorations. Choose from an aesthetically-pleasing brass frame for you to display your photograph, to cushions resembling traditional kuehs, and even to sleek diffusers that will definitely freshen the air up in your home.


Ang Ku Kueh Cushion: $29.90. Source: Naiise


Yun Diffuser: $69. Source: Naiise

Do take note that you have to pre-order the items here at least a few weeks in advance depending on the product.

7. Pocketpig Diary


Cushion cover: $13.90. Source: Pocketpig Diary

Looking for decorations that won’t break the bank? Look no further thanks to Pocketpig Diary’s variety of modern CNY-themed decorations that range from $3 to $25! Take your pick from quirky cushion covers, vibrant doormats and festive wall decorations.


Chinese Red Door Mat: $24.90. Source: Pocketpig Diary


Door Couplets: $3.90. Source: Pocketpig Diary

Shop Pocketpig Diary’s CNY collection online here.



Source: IKEA

Here’s great news for all you IKEA-lovers – the ‘SOLGLIMTAR’ collection has everything you need to set your home deep into the festive CNY vibe with cushions, fairy lights, tableware, and even the traditional-style paper cut-outs!


Cushion: $12.90. Source: IKEA


Door decoration set of 3: $3.90. Source: IKEA


Tin with lid in a set of 3: $12.90. Source: IKEA

Shop SOLGLIMTAR online here or visit the IKEA store nearest to you.

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Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10AM – 10PM | Friday and Saturday: 10AM – 11PM



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