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Sneak Peek of Machi Machi, Jay Chou’s Favourite BBT Brand in Singapore

Just a bit more till Jay Chou’s favourite bubble tea brand, Machi Machi, officially opens in Singapore — but we couldn’t resist and had to get a sneak peek. 

Opening on 18 Jan 2020 at Arab Street, Machi Machi’s Singapore franchise is brought in by Project Superstar alumnus Hong Junyang and his friends. The Taiwanese BBT brand has been featured in Jay Chou’s music video, Won’t Cry. Machi also happens to be the name of his dog!

Source: JVR Music | Youtube
Source: JVR Music | Youtube


The interior of the store adopts the same aesthetic Machi Machi is known for: pastel hues, industrial-chic decor, and wooden textures. The size, however, is pretty small. There aren’t any proper tables and chairs for dining purposes, except for three chairs outside which are probably for photo taking purposes. 



We expect queues to be snaking especially on the first few weeks (or even months) of opening, so unless you want to hold up the queue because you can’t make up your mind on what to buy, here’s the full menu. 

Beverages are divided into four categories: Fresh Tea, Milk Tea & Latte, Cream Cheese Foam, and Fresh Fruits. We of course had to try Jay Chou’s favourite drink, Black Milk Tea with Creme Brulee ($6.50). 

Surprisingly, the drink wasn’t as sweet as expected. Instead, the aroma of the tea leaves were more prominent instead, which in our opinion is what makes a good bubble tea as it isn’t another full-of-sugar-syrup gimmick. The creme brulee is also nicely burnt, which adds some texture to the drink. Tip: Mix the creme brulee into the tea for a sweeter aftertaste.

Machi Machi is known for their pretty Instagrammable bottled drinks too. The Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta ($7.50), another of Jay Chou’s go-to, contains the same strong aroma as the creme brulee drink. Shake the bottle to mix the panna cotta and you’ll get what tastes like ice teh tarik with vanilla. You’ll notice that the drink might have tiny black substances floating around — we were told that the black substances are remnants of vanilla seeds and are completely edible. 


Another bottled drink is the Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta ($8.50). This one tastes more like an extremely thick strawberry smoothie with almost no hint of latte. But as usual, it isn’t over cloyingly sweet and is actually pretty refreshing. You get to chew on tiny bits of strawberries as well. 


A mix of sweet and sour would be the Blueberry & Strawberry Smoothie with Cream Cheese Foam ($8). Machi Machi is dubbed as the “God of cream cheese”, so it wouldn’t be surprising that they managed to pull off a blend of cream cheese with fruits. The creamy layer of cheese foam at the top provides a good counterbalance to the fruity sourness. 

For those who simply want a classic refreshing drink, go for Jasmine Green Tea with Fresh Fruits ($7.50). Like its name, this drink contains Jasmine green tea with generous servings of fresh fruit slices such as apples, oranges, guavas, strawberries, and lemons. A clean and simple option. 



Location: 25 Arab Street, S199724

Opening hours: 11am-9pm 

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