Talk & Play On-The-Go With Tamagotchi’s Latest Smartwatch!

Our favourite childhood virtual pet has officially undergone a 25th anniversary revamp! This world renowned handheld digital pet created in Japan in 1996, known as Tamagotchi has now transformed into a colourful smartwatch, which allows caretakers to strap their digital pet and all the responsibilities that come with it, directly onto their wrist.

Utilising advanced technology, these all-new Tamagotchi devices will feature a functional touchscreen, an in-built time display, voice recognition for chatting with your little one, and a pedometer. Other enhanced capabilities include wireless connectivity for interacting with other Tamagotchis, and prolonged battery life of approximately 30 hours.

Available for sale on 23rd November 2021 for an estimated SGD $68 in Japan, the all-new Tamagotchi smartwatch will be compatible with an extended series of physical keys used to unlock additional content!

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