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The Famous Genting Dream Ship Is Now Asia's First Halal-Certified Cruise!

Up to 8 exciting activities and 5 buffets daily


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Here’s a better reason for you to get onboard the Genting Dream for a relaxing and fun-filled cruise besides the fact that it’s also the ship used for “It’s The Ship” – Dream Cruise has an amazing array of dining options that even include Halal-certified ones!


Source: Dream Cruises

This majestic ship features a passenger capacity of up to 3352, a plethora of exciting entertainment like a waterslide park, ropes course, bowling arena, Zouk nightclub, and various dining cuisines that range from South East Asian to International!



The Lido. Source: Dream Cruise Line

There are a variety of cuisines for everyone  – Chinese, South East Asian, Japanese, Korean and International.

Although not all restaurants in Genting Dream are Halal-certified, The Lido has new Halal buffet options for everyone who’d like to enjoy Asian and International delicacies. You have to try their newest Halal additions like the Honey Chicken, Sour & Spicy Stingray, Javanese Chicken In Coconut Milk and the Mutton Tandoori!


Mutton Tandoori. Source: Travel Weekly


Satay with peanut sauce from The Lido’s Asian buffet section. Source: Dream Cruises

Cruise Facilities


Source: Dream Cruises

Scrumptious food aside, Genting Dream also has plenty of exciting entertainment facilities around to keep yourself occupied for days. For those who aren’t familiar with the cruise, highlights include the Waterslide Park, an outdoor ropes course, a rock climbing wall,  a 9-hole mini-golf course for a fun experience suitable for all ages, Sportsplex which is a venue for various outdoor sports, an arcade that has the latest video games, a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley and even Zouk Beach Club for a memorable night of partying!


Check out those sick waterslides! Source: Dream Cruises


Waterslide Park. Source: Dream Cruise Line


‘Walk The Plank’. Source: @wenli.chew


Source: Dream Cruise Line


Rock Climbing Wall which is also suitable for kids. Source: Dream Cruise Line


9-hole putting. Source: Dream Cruise Line


Life-sized soccer ball in Sportsplex. Source: Dream Cruises


Arcade. Source: Dream Cruise Line


Neon Bowling Alley. Source: Dream Cruise Line


Zouk Beach Club. Source: Dream Cruises


Party with your friends at the Zouk Beach Club. Source: Dream Cruises

There are even live performances by renowned artists like Sheila Majid, The Golden Sounds Of The Platters, Bonnie Tyler and exhilarating theatre performances like ‘China’s Got Talent’, which even has death-defying stunts in them!


Source: @cfrankie

To find out more about Genting Dream and book a room on the cruise, click here.

Telephone: +65 68082288


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