The First-Ever Golden Salted Egg Tendon only at Don Meijin

Known for their generous light, crispy chunks of tendon covering the bed of fluffy short-grain Japanese rice at the bottom of all their signature dons, Don Meijin won the hearts of many with their unique local-flavour-inspired Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon back in February 2017. This time it’s back with a brand new creation – Golden Salted Egg Tendon!
While the trend has significantly gone down over the months, Singaporeans are still going gaga over anything with salted egg. – Think those long queues for salted egg chips that sells out within the first two hours. From salted egg fish skin to salted egg zi char dishes, no one has ever tried creating a Golden Salted Egg Tendon till now.
Don Meijin’s Golden Salted Egg Tendon ($16) includes prawns, onsen egg, chicken fillet, green beans, pumpkin, crabsticks, green pepper and seasonal fish fillet tempura doused with their homemade creamy salted egg sauce. The sauce is made by first frying curry leaves with butter and salted duck egg yolk before blending with evaporated milk.
While the savoury salted egg taste was strong, it had a very light and smooth texture and consistency, which made it very different from other salted egg sauces. As such it complemented the crispy fried tempura really well where you can still savour each ingredient without the sauce overpowering its original flavor. A side dish of extra salted egg sauce is given in case you prefer the flavor to be stronger as well.
Contrary to most Japanese food places, Don Meijin’s tempura are not oily but are instead fried to a perfect light crisp with a non-unctuous texture that keeps you going back for more. Despite being covered in the sauce throughout the whole meal, each tempura still remained light, crispy and not in a slightest bit greasy. While it may not have that subtle spicy and tangy aftertaste you expect with most salted egg sauce, it is definitely satisfying enough to curb your salted egg cravings without having to worry too much about getting a sore throat the next day.

Don Meijin’s Golden Salted Egg Tendon will only be available at Ramen Champion Bugis+
and Changi Airport Terminal 3 outlets.

Address: 201 Victoria Street
#04-10, Bugis+
Singapore 188607
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11AM – 10.30PM
Saturday, Sunday, PH: 10.30AM – 10.30PM
Contact: +65 6238 1011

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