There’s A Hanging Fish Hot Pot Restaurant In China!

Guangzhou’s one-of-a-kind steamboat restaurant 小鱼儿顺德私房菜

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When in China, hot pots are a must-eat. But if you’re ever in Guangzhou, make sure to head down to 小鱼儿顺德私房菜 for an eye-opening experience – traditional Cantonese Shunde steamboat with an entire uncooked fish hanging above it.
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The fish is deboned and pre-sliced so that it’s easier to cut into the soup with a pair of scissors, but diners can always ask the staff for help if they wish! Choose from a variety of fishes such as catfish and river-caught fishes, which range from RMB118 to RMB178 (SGD$24 – SGD$36).
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In case you’re worried that the fish will be in the way when you’re scooping things out from the pot, there’s a button at the base of the hook that allows you to raise and lower the fish as well.
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As usual, the soups have a free refill, and the hot pot set comes with a variety of vegetables. If you’d like to pimp up your hot pot, additional sides ranging from an assortment of seafood and greens are also available for add-on!
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Make sure you head down early though, because this hot pot restaurant is undeniably fascinating and constantly packed during peak dining hours. I guess you can say it got us all hooked.
Address: Xihu Road, No. 38, Junyi Brand Center Level 3, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 510000 (西湖路38号骏亿品牌中心三楼)
Opening Hours: 11AM – 2PM, 5PM – 9.30PM Daily
Telephone: +86 13560217457
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