Things To Do This Weekend (12 – 14 August)

It’s the second week of August and we hope you won’t just be playing Pokemon Go all day! There are things to do this weekend with your friends and family ranging from watching Theatre Arts to partying to electronic music so put your phone away and spend some time with your loved ones.
1. Wine Bar Sessions by Pop Studio DJ presents Annum and Keith August
Planning to chill with friends and enjoy great vibe and music? Head over to Pop Studio’s Wine Bar for amazing music from Annum, who is a DJ/Producer from Singapore who loves electronic music of a wide variety. Deep Basses and techy vibes are heavily abundant in his sets. Having played at the hottest clubs in Sydney (Marquee Night Club, Home Night Club (Sydney), Singapore born Keith August has established himself as a versatile and sought after DJ who has made an impact in the Australian dance music scene.
Date: 12 August
Time: Refer to Website
Wine Bar
17 Jiak Kim Street
Singapore 169420
Admission: Free
2. Stories from an Island City
We hope you like arts as the Ten Singaporean stories are beautifully told through music, film and dance in this special presentation by The TENG Ensemble, directed by Singapore theatre icon Glen Goei. Familiar motifs from Singapore’s heritage songs such as Chan Mali Chan, Di Tanjong Katong and Munnaeru Vaalibaa feature in The TENG Ensemble’s original pieces, written by New York-based composer Chow JunYi in collaboration with Singapore music arranger Huang Peh Linde. Steeped in Singapore’s multicultural identity, the music is brought vividly to life with scenes of the island nation by Singapore filmmakers, alongside dance accompaniment. Critically acclaimed, The TENG Ensemble presents a Singaporean sound guided by Asian aesthetics that is current, innovative, visionary and urban. Their music is a blend of contemporary and sophisticated, originating from a confluence of global cultures. The pieces featured in the concert are part of the “Temasek Heritage Series”, comprising original creations by The TENG Ensemble, which is supported by Temasek.
Date: 12 August
Time: 7.30PM
Esplanade Concert Hall
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981
Admission: $18 – $38
3. Zouk Soundsystem presents Noisecontrollers with Hong 
Noise controllers
Since the world of Hardstyle emerged from the depths of the universe, very few acts have faced the test of time and succeeded in bringing true passion and innovative creativity to their productions for many years. Noisecontrollers is certainly one example of a rare breed of pure creativity that has thrived in the world of Hardstyle for almost one decade.
Date: 12 August
17 Jiak Kim Street
Singapore 169420
Admission: $28 – $33
4. D.E.S. Dance Finesse 2016 
D.E.S. Dance Finesse is DES Arts’bi-annual Chinese-Contemporary Dance Festival that aims to present excellent, cohesive and quality works by local and regional dance artists on the Singapore’s stage. In this edition of D.E.S. Dance Finesse (2016), which comprises a series of masterclasses and seminars, leading up to a main performance over the weekend specially presented by local and international artists from the region; that will intrigue audiences with their distinctive display of stylistic movements as these artists traverse in the same space they cohabit with, yet representative of their own culture.
Date: 13 August
Time: 3PM & 8PM
The Singapore Airlines Theatre
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940
Admission: $30 – $40
5. Hamlet I Collage
Hamlet | Collage is the first Russian production by legendary Canadian stage director Robert Lepage. Taking more than two years to create, the result is a high-tech, high-energy action performance designed for only one actor – Russia’s national artist, Evgeny Mironov. Original, imaginative and totally inspiring, it is Shakespeare like you’ve never seen before.
Date: 12 & 13 August
Time: 8PM
Drama Centre
100 Victoria Street
#05-01 National Library Building
Singapore 188064
Admission: $40 – $80
6. The Last Supper
last supper

Through its darkly comedic take on the life of a typical affluent family, The Last Supper highlights the inescapable emptiness that casts its shadow over the illusion of plenty and the hollow exchanges that masquerade as human connection. This clever and humorous tinsel of a play offers a zesty microcosm of what Egyptian society has become after the Arab Spring. Written and directed by pioneering Egyptian independent theatre director and playwright Ahmed El Attar, The Last Supper transports us to Egypt, to the home of a well-off family as they gather around the dinner table. Through their vapid interactions, a feast of nihilism, absurdity and apathy is served.

The cast brings to life the banalities of the contemporary Egyptian bourgeoisie. Each character embodies a self-absorbed philosophy mired in his or her preconceptions. El Attar’s provocative works have often offered insight into major social, political and economic issues and The Last Supper is no different. El Attar and his ensemble of 11 actors offer a farcical eulogy to futility that took Avignon Festival by storm in 2014 and has since travelled throughout Europe. Its acclaim is a testament that although the play takes place in Cairo, this last supper could very well be about all of us.

Date: 12 & 13 August
Time: 8PM
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
11 Empress Place
Singapore 179555
Admission: $25 – $45
7. Van Cleef & Arpels, the Art and Science of Gems
Embark on a fascinating exploration of the inter-relationship between the science of mineralogy and the art of crafting the finest jewellery and gems at Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art and Science of Gems. In this exhibition which is as beautiful as it is enlightening, you’ll get an up close look at over 450 pieces of jewellery selected from the Van Cleef & Arpels Collection, along with over 250 rare gems and minerals from the renowned Collection of the French National Museum of Natural History.
Date: 12 – 14 August
Time: –
Singapore ArtScience Museum
Singapore 018974
Admission: $6 – $17
8. UP Picnic Concert
The Up Picnic Concert is held at the Symphony Stage Botanic Gardens and UP or Unity & Peace is a pop-up picnic that is organised by ordinary people like us who want to make a difference. This picnic aims to create the awareness of the peace that we so easily take for granted in Singapore by bringing together like-minded Ordinary people from all walks of life together in celebration. Do join them for an evening of lots of fun, sharing, music and new friends!
Date: 13 August
Time: 6PM – 7.15PM
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage,
1 Cluny Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Admission: Free

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