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This New Kyoto-Inspired Cafe Showcases Sakura Themed-Booths and Tori Gates!

(Left Image by @lynpoh.ojl, Right Image of @stormscape by @zippyzipeng on Instagram)

I would’ve never guessed that Kyoto would ever be situated a mere stone’s throw away from King Albert Park MRT Station – and yet here it is. Embodying the revered qualities of this Japanese city in its full glory, the all-new MoMiJi café by Teppei Group’s prolific chef-founder Teppei Yamashita, presents a truly immersive experience that begins through iconic crimson Tori gates.

Spanning two storeys, the MoMiJi café occupies a significant amount of space within KAP mall, and accommodates up to 44 pax at a time – with four ordinary seating arrangements on level one, and four private booths, each representing the different seasons, on level two. Complete with vibrant orange, curtain shields, each private booth represents one of four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – showcasing wallpaper in the form of Sakura blossoms, lush green forests, and snow fields.

(Image by @bellamarinda on Instagram)

As Kyoto has the largest consumption of bread among all Japanese prefectures, the MoMiJi café serves an authentic selection of city-inspired food items. These offerings include various Kyoto-inspired sandwiches with unique fillings, such as, the $16.20 Matcha Pudding Kyoto Hot Sandwich, and $15.20 Smoked Salmon Sandwich.

(Image by @zippyzipeng on Instagram)

Beyond their vast sandwich selection, worth an average of $10.80 – $33.20, the MoMiJi café also provides a diverse variety of affordable coffee and tea sets, alongside milkshakes, and $18.20 Gion French Toasts!


MoMiJi Cafe

Address: 9 King Albert Park, KAPMall, #01-37 Singapore 598292

Opening hours: 10am – 7pm daily

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