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We Ordered Everything from Five Guys: Is It Worth Queueing For?

Famed American burger chain Five Guys opened its first outlet in Singapore a few days back, and we read that they sold more than 1000 burgers and 500 milkshakes on launch day. If Singaporeans are willing to spend $17 on a burger, it better be pretty damn good. The only way to find out? Try it for ourselves — so ordered every single item off the menu. 


If you didn’t know, the brand prides itself on their fresh hand-cut fries and of course their burger patties that apparently have an 80-20 lean meat-to-fat ratio. Prices range from $7 for a cup of fries, $11 for a Little Hamburger with one patty, $15 for the regular double-patty Cheeseburger and $17 for the Bacon Cheeseburger. You can also choose as many toppings as you like for free, such as grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. 


Source: Five Guys
Source: Five Guys


We started off with the Little Hamburger ($11). If you don’t have a huge appetite, we recommend getting this as although it has ‘little’ in its name, the portion is comparable to a regular-sized burger at any other fast food chain. While it also looks dry from the picture, it’s actually extremely greasy — so greasy that it makes for good hangover food.

Little Bacon Burger edit

You can opt to have your little burger with bacon ($13) as well.

hamburger edit

This is the Cheeseburger ($15) with two patties — as you can see, it is quite a mouthful.


Lots of sauces are used in their patties, which is justifiable because the patties on their own are actually a bit tasteless. No seasoning used at all perhaps?
bacon cheese burger

the cuts of bacon

This is the Bacon Cheeseburger ($17), also our favourite burger out of the rest and probably the only one that’s enough to entice us to go back. It’s probably because this burger has everything we need — cheese, patties, bacon and the right amount of vegetables. 
grilled cheese sandwhich

Hot dog

Veggie sandwhich

There are also other options like Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($8), Hotdogs (from $10) and even a Veggie Sandwich ($8), but you won’t be missing out much if you choose not to try them. 

A must-try though are the fries. They’re crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and seasoned very well too. In fact, they’re probably one of the better fries out there compared to other fast food chains due to the size and texture. 

You may also complete your meal with a milkshake, and that’s if your stomach still has space after the burgers and fries. If not, you get to choose from mix ins like peanut butter and chocolate into your milkshake for free. Choice of whip cream is optional. 

Overall, we like the cosy American-style atmosphere of Five Guys, but it will be hard to convince us to go back because it’s not exactly the most value for money. But should you still want to try, go after the hype has died down to avoid the long queue. 

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