White Label Records At Ann Siang Road Is A Sleek Record Store By Day and Groovy Bar By Night

A cosy new hangout for good music and cocktails

White Label Records (13)
There’s only one way to describe White Label Records – it’s like the house of that stylish, fashion-forward, non-mainstream music-loving friend of yours. Filled with sleek aesthetics, an impressive collection of vinyl records, powerful cocktails, and delicious comfort food, the record store-cum-bar is a welcoming haven for music and vinyl lovers to get together!

White Label Records (14)

White Label Records (15)The record store even has quirky elements like a mini arcade console and neon-lit signs!

Started by the passionate folks behind the vinyl e-commerce platform #vinyloftheday, White Label is nestled in the stunning restored shophouse-turned-hotel Ann Siang House.
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Boasting a specially-curated collection of lesser-known records that are sourced from all over the world, the selection is restocked every month so that you’ll always uncover new finds. Expect records from various eras and genres like electronica, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, reggae, podcasts, official soundtracks, DJ’s remixes, records by beatmakers, and more!
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For now, most of the records are by American and European artists, but cratediggers can keep a lookout for more works by local and regional musicians in the near future!
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Besides selling records, White Label also hosts special music-themed nights and collaborative pop-up events. So far, they’ve already had a fun-filled weekend with Jazzy Sport, a renowned Japanese record store and music production company!

White Label Records (5)You’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive merchandise at their pop-up events too!

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Once you’re done browsing through analogue music and searching for vintage gems, kick back and unwind at their bar area and cosy corners!
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Perfect for those who can hold their liquor, White Label’s signature cocktails pack quite a punch, and include a Vodka-based Fresh Fruit Mojito ($16 for 360ml, $20 for 500ml), a unique version of Moscow Mule ($16) that uses ginger beer for an added oomph, and a Chrysanthemum Martini ($20) to name a few.
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To go with your booze, a humble menu of no-frills, comfort dishes are available. The main dish changes once a month, and this October, they’re serving a hearty treat – the Hayashi Beef Rice ($12).

White Label Records (9)The beef stew is comforting with plenty of mushrooms, beef slices, carrots, and edamame that adds to the texture of the dish!

Bar bites are served from noon till 9PM while stocks last, and includes Sweet Potato Camembert ($12), which is Japanese sweet potato and Camembert cheese wrapped in a bacon blanket, Spicy Edamame ($6), a housemade Potato Salad ($6), and the classic Spam Fries ($6)
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Make sure you try their Chicken Tsukene ($8)! While the handmade chicken meatballs look deceptively unassuming, they taste deliciously flavourful with a sweet and savoury teriyaki glaze and firm texture.
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White Label Records
Address: 28 Ann Siang Road #01-01, Ann Siang House, Singapore 069708
Opening Hours: Mon – Tues: 11AM – 9PM | Wed – Sat: 11AM – 12AM | Sun: 11AM – 5PM

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