Your Hair Might Be Ageing Faster Than You Think

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Trichokare Xia Xue

Greying? Thinning? These words may be familiar to some, but to others, these words have never once crossed their minds. Hair is supposed to fall, they think. I’m still young, my hair problems can’t be that bad.

Little do they know – just as your lifestyle and diet may accelerate skin ageing, your scalp suffers as well. Ageing hair doesn’t comprise of just grey hair. Instead, it entails thinning hair, dryness, brittleness, and lacklustre as well. Worried yet?


Recently, however, TK TrichoKare has unveiled a brand new anti-ageing hair treatment termed the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, seeking to alleviate the symptoms of ageing hair. In addition to strengthening your hair roots and increasing hair density, this treatment can also reverse grey hair, supporting the production of melanin in the hair shaft.
We were invited to test their newest treatment, and it first started with an in-depth consultation.
We were brought into a consultation room where our therapist, En En, asked us a series of questions concerning your skin condition, diet, lifestyle, and even known hair problems.
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Subsequently, scans of your scalp are taken. From the consultation and scalp scan, the hair therapist will customise a treatment best suited for your needs. A quick diagnosis is formed – clogged pores, thinning hair, and a sensitive scalp for me.
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I then did the Advanced Tricho Hair test, and it was revealed that my hair was 2.75 years older than my actual age!
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As one of those millennials who thought that my hair was perfectly fine, I was rather shocked by the results. Maybe it really was time to cut down on the junk food.
Following this, we then proceeded to the customised treatment.
A Dead Sea Mask is first applied onto your scalp at the beginning, killing bacteria and purifying your scalp by removing impurities and excess sebum. It also helps to prep your scalp for absorption of further treatment. It takes about 20 minutes to detox my scalp and have it absorb the nutrients.
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After the hair mask came anyone’s favourite part – shampooing. The shampoo was minty, and of course, it was incredibly relaxing to have someone else’s hands in your hair. Every single pressure point on your scalp is massaged, and the hair wash deeply cleanses and regulates the pH balance of your scalp, removing dead skin and grime.
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Finally, the main mechanism of the treatment was introduced – Oxyjet Technology.
Oxyjet Technology
This antioxidant infusion system is designed to fight all five signs of hair ageing, moisturising, detoxing, and regenerating your scalp and hair follicles.
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Step one involves massaging the hair ampoule into your scalp, which helps strengthen the hair roots and improve hair growth. If you think that’s enough nutrients for your hair in one treatment, you’re in for a surprise.
An apparatus is then used to jet infuse oxygen and nutrients into your scalp. Yes – with the application of very high air pressure, premium European herbs such as Emu Oil and Gingko Biloba Extract is injected into your scalp without the use of a needle. And don’t be a skeptic – this technology had been used with vaccines and even insulin, which goes to show that it isn’t a gimmick.
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Specially formulated by trichologists, the key ingredients are:
Emu Oil

  • Reactivates 80% of dormant hair follicles
  • Accelerates cell regeneration
  • Boosts the diameter of each hair

Gingko Biloba Extract

  • Contains powerful antioxidants that protect your scalp from harmful UV rays and free radicals – much like an extremely potent sunblock for your skin
  • Boosts collagen and melanin production, hence preventing further greying

The treatment kind of feels like something is lightly knocking into your scalp. However, it was completely painless – only slightly cooling due to the jet of air. It was satisfying to know that healthy antioxidants were being fed right into my scalp. Everything was done in about 15 minutes – but it all depends on the circumference of your head.
After the treatment, scans of my scalp were taken once again. With the treatment, the first layer of oil has been removed from the scalp – and indeed, my scalp was visibly cleaner, with almost none of the oil clots and dry flakes we had seen in the beginning! My scalp texture could finally be seen without all that grease.
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The redness seen at the side of my scalp where it was sensitive had also significantly lightened, and such immediate results was surprising! The hair expert had advised that better results could be seen with multiple sessions, but from just one session, I was already largely satisfied.
However, if your problems lies in thinning hair, it would be best to get the treatment more regularly as it takes at least four weeks to see results. Based on what we saw from just one session, we’re pretty confident that being a much more regular customer would be even more beneficial.

before treatment 2

Before Treatment


After Treament

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