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$10 Overflowing Milkshakes with Locally-Inspired Flavours For Islandwide Delivery!

(Images by @emuneats on Instagram)

Kickstart your national day weekend with Potion Labz’s all-new $10 milkshakes! Available in four locally-inspired flavours including durian, bandung, teh tarik, and raspberry ripple, these opulent milkshakes are quite literally overflowing with sweetened goodness!

(Image by @relleadventures on Instagram)

Featuring fresh durian flesh blended with vanilla ice cream, the durian milkshake is topped by fluffy whipped cream, durian crackers and wafer rolls.

(Image by @relleadventures on Instagram)

Similarly, the bandung milkshake also features a blend of rose bandung and full cream vanilla ice cream. Topped by homemade kueh lapis, wafer rolls, and dried rose petals, the bandung milkshake is expected to smell as good as it tastes!

(Image by @relleadventures on Instagram)

Bringing you the iconic go-to hawker centre drink in milkshake form, Potion Labz’s teh tarik milkshake is rich in variety of spices. Crafted from homemade pulled tea, and blended with creamy ice-cream, this milkshake is topped with all of your favourite 90’s crackers, sugar toast, small buns, and miki biscuits.

(Image by @relleadventures on Instagram)

Inspired by Singapore’s historic roadside ice cream uncles, the raspberry ripple showcases an abundance of spiral and ripples in its design. Topped with luscious raspberry cheesecake, berry cookies, wafer rolls and crispy wafer wedges, the raspberry ripple milkshake is Potion Labz’s ultimate ode to our childhood memories.

Available now for islandwide delivery, up till 6 August 2021, Potion Labz accepts payment in the form of PAYNOW and PAYLAH only. All orders are subject to an additional charge of $5 for delivery.

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