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$2.50 Ramly-Flavoured Cheesecakes @ NTUC & Hao Mart Singapore!

HAO mart is a network of grocery stores located in the heartlands of Singapore, offering greater ease and convenience to shop for fresh produce, household items, and daily groceries. Known best for its Halal specialty outlets across the island, which cater to the needs of the Muslim community, with 100% Halal-certified products available in-store and online, this popular mart is now offering Ramly-flavoured cheesecakes!

Available in a variety of flavours including lemon, blueberry, tiramisu, and chocolate, these unique assorted cheesecakes come in circular plastic containers with a matching spoon to scoop up every bit of its creamy filling. Complete with cake crumb toppings and an abundance of flavoured cream, these delicious treats are also available at NTUC FairPrice for a mere $2.50 each – though Hao mart is known to be cheaper thanks to its variety of discounts and cashback options.

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