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This New Bubble Tea Cafe Looks Like A Scene Straight Out Of A 2D Comic Book

With a bubble tea shop popping up at every other corner in every street, this bubble tea shop took matters into their own hands to get their drinks to stand out.
Meet 2D, the newest bubble tea shop to open in Sunway GEO Avenue near Kuala Lumpur looks like it’s part of a comic book. And the only thing that really pops out? Your bubble tea!

Source: 走咯Zolo/ Facebook
Source: 走咯Zolo/ Facebook

Their bubble tea comes in a square bottle, and is the only thing that’s in color. We didn’t do anything to these photos – the entire cafe from the walls to the chairs are all in black and white lines.
Even the painting on the walls and the chandeliers are drawn on. This place is like walking into a tricky eye museum!
Source:走咯Zolo/ Facebook

The entire cafe is inspired by Japanese aesthetics, with a replica of the famous The Great Wave Off Kanagawa and even a corner with tatami chairs and low tables that looks like a traditional Japanese house.
The bubble tea shop sells milk tea and boxed bento sets, all designed in the same 2D fashion but in color. But we’re there really to experience the trippy place for ourselves!
Source: @
Source: (left) @mrc_karizen/ Instagram, (right) @weeshin_97/ Instagram

There’s even a ball pit full of white balls, or just chill in the old-school classroom style dining area.
2d bubble tea 2
Source: (left) @thechelseytan/ Instagram, (right) @melvin_themeow/ Instagram

The cafe is has just had their soft opening and is now open, and you’d want to head down before we foresee it becoming very crowded when everyone finds out about them!
Address: F-03-10, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Subang Jaya 47500
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily
Facebook | Instagram
All other images by 2D 

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