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5 Gaming Chairs That You’ll Never Want to Get Out Of!

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your gaming experience with some upz gears, here’s a list of gaming chairs that are so comfortable and extra that you’ll be transported right into the fantasy world of your games! With the newest technology to ensure comfort and create immersiveness, these chairs will literally have you feeling like you’re in a 4D game world whenever you take a seat.

1. PREDATOR X OSIM Massage Gaming Chair

Ever stood up after a super shiok gaming session only to find that your whole body has gotten really sore? This gaming massage chair collaboration between Predator and OSIM will take away all your worries. Not only does it have two separate massage functions to release all the stress in your back and shoulders, it also comes with its own speaker on either side of the seat for a fully immersive experience.


What’s more, it reclines 145 degrees, so you can literally fall asleep to a super comfortable massage. The chair is currently going at a 50% discount of $899 – slightly above the market rate for gaming chairs, but hey, does yours massage your shoulders for you?

For more information, you may refer to this link.

2. SecretLab Omega Series

SecretLab’s 2020 Omega Series gaming chairs come with memory foam pillows for your head and your lumbar so you can spend endless hours focusing on your game or work without breaking your flow. Built with the company’s new Prime PU Leather, the chairs are now four times more durable than before, and you’ll literally feel like you’re floating on a cloud with this one. Its design is developed in collaboration with research facility A*Star, so you know that the technology is legit.


At a price of $499, this chair provides so much comfort that you won’t even remember that slight heart pain from emptying your wallet. There are also limitless options to customise your chair to your liking in terms of design, and warranty covers most wear and tear. 

For more information, refer to this link.

3. DXRacer Racing Pro Series

If you’re into racing games like Horizon, DXRacer’s Racing Pro Series will have you feeling like you’re right there in the driver’s seat, chasing after sunsets. As DXRacer is one of the OG brands in the gaming chair business, you can be sure that your comfort and health will be well taken care of, with great support for your spine and memory foam seats to keep those butt aches at bay.


These chairs can be yours at a price of $618 from Lazada, and come in a wide variety of colours to fit your personal style.

4. APOL Behemoth King-Sized Chair

Ever wondered if gaming could help you fix your posture? APOL’s chairs can do just that, helping you straighten out your postures and easing pains and aches after just a few months of use. Made with the brand’s signature CloudTech Foam, the chair has the most supportive structure ever to suit spinal alignment, and will probably be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sunk back into.


Priced at $398, this chair is definitely a more affordable way to get in that optimum comfort and help your spine breathe a little. For more information, visit this link.

4. Gaming Chair & Table Set with Your Own Cockpit!

Now for the big boss! If you’ve got $7k just lying around and feel like splurging on some cool gadgets, here’s a gaming chair that comes with its own cockpit and three monitors for a fully immersive experience. There are even galaxy lights flashing over your head so you’ll literally feel like you’re fighting monsters in space. Sure, this chair doesn’t massage your shoulders, but will you even notice any discomfort when you’re having a blast in your own space cabin?


You’ll need a lot of space in your house to fit this big boy, but if you can spend $7000+ on a gaming chair, we’re sure that won’t be an issue. You may order it through this link.

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