5 Home Bakeries That Offers Irresistible Cookies!

Cookies are definitely a weakness for many dessert fans! Over the past months, we’ve tried many cookies from 5 different bakeries, and here are our top 5 picks!

Doughter Bakery

If you love cookies with chocolate oozing from the centre, then you should totally check out Doughter Bakery’s Giant Stuffed Cookie($22 for box of 4)! Selling only freshly-baked goods, we \were extremely delighted when we received their warm, fragrant cookies. We loved the chewy texture of the chocolate cookie, and it came with a generous amount of Nutella in the centre(every chocolate-lovers’ dreams)! We also had the pleasure of trying their sea salt chocolate chip cookies($20 for 14 pieces), which came in a smaller bite size. Personally, the best part of this cookie was the use of large-sized chocolate chips that instantly melts in your mouth. The addition of sea salt was definitely interesting, although I’d love for them to use less sea salt as the saltiness was a little “stingy” to the tongue as I devoured each piece.

You can order from Doughter Bakery here.

Cookie Banter

Cookie Banter has, by far, one of the most unique cookie flavours. Aside from the usual double chocolate chip cookies, they also have flavours such as Peanut Butter & Jelly, Earl Grey, S’mores, and even Peanut Butter Kaya(which will appeal to a local palette)! My personal favourite was the PBJ cookie because not only was the dough rich in peanut aroma, the centre of the cookie contained creamy peanut butter swirled with sweet strawberry jam! Another unique flavour that we got to try was the Earl Grey cookie. Visually, this cookie looked like an upgraded HK “Polo” bun with a layer of earl grey dough atop the cookie sprinkled with flower petals. Earl grey flavour is usually either a hit or miss, depending on whether you’re a fan of earl grey. The aroma was rather strong, so for someone who doesn’t like earl grey at all, this cookie was not really my cup of tea(or rather, my piece of cookie). However, it is definitely aesthetically pleasing due to the beautiful presentation!

Butterspace Bakery

Butterspace bakery is a home-based bakery that offers an array of soft-centred cookies, cupcakes, as well and brownies! Look forward to a variety of cookies topped with popular candy pieces, such as M&Ms, Oreos, Peanut Butter, and many more! According to Butterspace, all ingredients used are of premium quality. For someone who loves chocolate, my favourite cookies were the oreo chocolate cookie (with a big piece of oreo in the middle), the smores cookie(with chunks of marshmallow), and the Lotus caramel cookie. Cookies are sold in boxes of three, six, nine and 12, with prices from $9 onwards).

They also have a good variety of brownies! The popular ones are the signature mix topping brownies ($25) that comes with 3 sauces to choose from such as nutella peanut butter and caramel. If you are up for something more unique, try out their special earl grey brownies for $18.

You can order from Butterspace Bakery here.

She Sells Seashells

This next contender on our list is rather special; instead of the usual soft cookies with gooey filling, they actually offer cookies that are topped with wholesome treats, including a variety of nuts, dried fruits and even dried figs! Unlike the usual soft texture, their cookies are actually crunchy, and the addition of nuts and dried fruits adds extra layers of flavours to the cookie! Overall, we loved that this cookie is relatively healthier, as compared to other cookies out there. It is also lighter in taste, so you can definitely have more than one without feeling the guilt!

You can order from them here.

Butter Fruit Baking

Last but no least, we have cookies and brownies from Butter Fruit Bakes! This online home bakery offers delicious chocolate cookies, including their signature Aged Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie($3.50 each)! This cookie had a good balance of sweet and savoury, and there were pieces of melted chocolate chip that added extra sweetness and texture to it! Do also check out their array of delectable brownies($3.50 onwards), with flavours such as Speculoos, Nutella Oreo, Matcha, Hojicha, and many more! Do check out their official instagram as they update their menu regularly!

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