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6 Most Entertaining Instagram Game Filters

So you’ve seen that flappy bird Instagram game filter that’s got everyone blinking their eyes incessantly. Or that little card filter that predicts what your luck will be like in 2020 just for good fun. We get it, Instagram games are addictive and fun. 

We found six filters that will keep you on the app for hours, and will definitely need more than just eye power and pure luck. 

1. Who is more___? (by @vamonke)

For couples to play, but you can do it with a good friend as well. There are no right or wrong answers; just whether or not you and the other person’s head go in the right direction. 

Fun rating: 5/5 (great bonding activity)

2. Paca paca (by @yana.mishkinis)

The classic Pac-Man is finally on the app, except this time you have to use head movements! Remember to keep your eyes focused on the yellow mouth and not the monsters which can be distracting. 

Fun rating: 3/5 (the Pac Man moves too slowly)

3. Soccer Head (by @wowfilterscom)

Juggling a soccer ball on your head IRL is difficult, but juggling an AR one is not any easier. But you can first hone your skills on Practice mode before you film yourself on coloured Simulation mode. Try and see if you actually get better at juggling a soccer ball on your head in real life! 

Fun rating: 2/5 (the ball is frustratingly hard to balance!)

4. Motogame (by @sangexd)

If you suck at playing motorbike games in the arcade and don’t wish to embarrass yourself, try this one on your own at home. Rules still apply; except you use your head to control motorbike movements. The virtual motorbike is pretty sensitive, so you’d want to be gentle with your head movements. 

Fun rating: 5/5 (if done standing up, this game can actually be quite a good workout)

5. Try To Draw (by @dormwell)

Use your nose to draw the image the AR provides. Just make sure not to get caught doing this in public — unless you don’t mind. 

Fun rating: 3/5 (we need more innovative vectors)


6. Dim Sum Chomp (@at.augmented)

I love dim sum, you love dim sum, we all love dim sum! But what happens if you eat too much of it? This game is a painful (and exaggerated) reminder of what will happen after one too many dim sums. The more dim sums you ‘eat’, the more your face expands! The horror. 

Fun rating: 4/5 (strangely, the more dim sum you catch and the more your face expands, all the satisfying it is) 



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