7 Valentine’s Day Bouquet Alternatives So That Your “Love” Doesn’t Die In A Week

A long-lasting gift for an undying love

Hey lovebirds, you’re probably thinking of surprising your partner with a classic flower bouquet this Valentine’s Day, but hold that thought – flowers typically die within a week and you won’t want that to be an indication of your love, right? Instead, here are some other “non-perishable” bouquets that you can either be purchased online or DIY for extra sincerity points!

1. Preserved Cotton Bouquet


Cotton & Lavender Bouquet: $79. Source: Petite Fleur

You’ve no idea how beautiful cotton plants are until you bundle them up into a bouquet. Perfect for those who love simplistic designs, combine it with some dried flowers or potpourris if you want a splash of colour! Don’t worry if you’re not the artsy type – you can simply purchase this Cotton & Lavender Bouquet from Petite Fleur!


Source: @thefloralstudiojo

Click here to place an order in advance.

2. Dried Flowers Bouquet


Dried Peonies Bouquet: $125. Source: @bloomroomsg

For those of you who find fake flowers plasticy and boring, there’s always the Instagram-worthy dried flowers to turn to to impress your special someone! Drying flowers yourself needs patience and skills, so instead, you can purchase beautiful Dried Peonies Bouquet that comes with a perfect combination of hydrangeas, canary grass, baby’s breath, and lavender from Bloom Room’s online store.  


Source: @bloomroomsg


Source: @flover.yu

Simply click here to purchase the Dried Peonies Bouquet.

3. Paper Origami Bouquet


Paper Flower Bouquet: $45. Source: Etsy

Perhaps your partner loves handcrafted gifts – just do a quick search on the internet for an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make your own paper bouquet and you’ll become the most romantic person ever to DIY your own flowers! Plus, making flowers from scratch just shows how sincere you are in expressing your love for your partner!

Here’s a video tutorial that we’ve sussed out for you, but another alternative is to purchase a Paper Flower Bouquet from Etsy here and get them delivered before V’Day arrives.


Source: Pinterest

4. Pine Cones Bouquet


Source: Ruffled

Although pine cones may seem dull and spiky in nature, they make for a rustic and stylish bouquet that’s perfect for any occasion, especially Valentines’ Day! All it takes to do up a pine cone bouquet is to purchase at least 10 stems of pine cones here on Lazada for just $9.90, arrange them in a nice bundle with glue to make the ends stick and simply wrap it with foil, plastic or paper of your choice.


Source: @weddingsattheridges

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 5.06.36 PM


What’s more, you can choose to add a little more fancy and decorate the bouquet with dried cotton plants, baby’s breath or any dried flowers you’d like!

5. Seashell Bouquet


Source: @seashellbouquets

If your partner loves the beach, why not gather gorgeous seashells and pearls together into a bouquet to really make her day! To gift your partner with a beach-tastic seashell bouquet, either DIY it yourself by buying seashells online here, or simply purchase a seashell bouquet with authentic shells for just $50 here. Let your creativity flow as you decide how to stick the seashells onto the bouquet. Tip: Wrap a newspaper into a ball and stick the seashells onto it for a circular-shape bouquet.

6. Feather Bouquet


Source: @addax_feathers

Looking for something a little more dramatic for your partner who’s probably into Coachella and dream catchers? There’s always feather bouquets – pretty, soft and fluffy feathers in a bouquet – that you can turn to for spicing things up a little. You just have to get some pretty feathers in a decor store near you or buy them online here and to turn them into a stunning bouquet!

7. Ribbon Flower Bouquet


Source: @blume_flower_

Skip the expensive seasonal roses and master the amazing skill of turning ribbons into flowers by simply following the tutorial here ‘cause not only are ribbons really affordable, but they can also be found at almost any stationary shop in Singapore! Then, you’re set to bundle up a bunch of ribbon flowers into a bouquet that looks sexy and silky at the same time. Once you’ve made the flowers, stick them onto thin wooden stems, wrap it all with a pretty wrapping paper and voilà – you’ve handmade a gift that exudes passion!

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