8 GIFS That Prove Dads Are Superheroes

Equally as significant but more often than not under-celebrated, it is a known fact that Father’s day generates lesser attention than Mother’s day. That being said, it has not stopped dads from going above and beyond the call of duty and being a real-life superhero to the little humans who need them most.
And to honour and celebrate this special day, here is a compilation of real-life moments to prove that dads truly are superheroes. Share this with a superhero dad you know or a superhero dad-to-be.

1.  If required, dad will move faster than a moving car
from kid dad save own
2. You think dad’s asleep? He probably has an in-built 24-hour surveillance
baby dad
3. When you are too hungry to differentiate between the cake and the candle, he’ll make sure you won’t make that mistake

4. Dads body can protect you better than a Captain America’s shield

5. Enhanced safety senses to know when you are falling 
11 GIFs That Prove Dads Are Superheroes
6. Bionic strength to stop a moving car from hitting you
11 GIFs That Prove Dads Are Superheroes
7. He’ll save you from men two or four times bigger than you 
11 GIFs That Prove Dads Are Superheroes
8. He has the ability to protect you and that tray of hot dogs

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