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Adorable Bears Serve Milk Tea Through a Tiny Hole in The Wall @ Tanjong Pagar!

Dubbed ‘BJ Milkytea’, this newly opened bubble tea shop has swiftly caught the attention of the bustling office crowd and residents along 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Easily distinguished by its vibrant red and off-white brick storefront, BJ Milkytea currently functions as a delivery and takeaway-only kiosk, with no dine-in seating available.

Despite its vibrant yet still inconspicuous exterior, BJ Milkytea’s main appeal comes in the form of its unique milk tea flavours and adorable furry store assistant. Serving your drinks through a literal hole in the wall, BJ Milkytea’s selection include their signature $4.80 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea, $4.80 Popular Mango Ice Blend, $3 Bloody Bear Tea, $4.60 Lucky Bear Tea, $5.80 Red Tea Macchiato, $3.80 Caramel Milk Tea, and $4.80 Muddy Bear Milk Tea.

Manned by two furry and human assistants, customers are invited to place their order with the cashier in the front before collecting their order from BJ Milkytea’s furry friend through a tiny concealed window. Depending on one’s luck, your drink will either be served by a polar bear or black bear.

In commemoration of the homegrown brand’s first-ever outlet in Singapore, BJ Milkytea is currently running a 1-for-1 special on all drinks from now till 2 July 2021, and are expected to run a series of subsequent promotions in the form of 50% discounts on 2 July, with many others set to come!


BJ Milkytea

Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 082001

Operating Hours: 11am-7pm, daily

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