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Air Con-Fitted Clothes So You Can Survive Singapore’s Heat!

With an average year-long temperature of 32°C, we are always on the lookout for the nearest air-conditioned place to escape the scorching heat. However, we chanced upon this cool(literally) clothing line and thought, could this be the solution to our hot and humid weather?


Octocool is a clothing solutions company that produces outfits with integrated fans to keep you cool throughout the day. There are various pieces of air-conditioned clothing available, such as long/short sleeve shirts, cargo pants and even headwear!


The integrated fan runs on a rechargeable battery and can last for 8.5 hours on high setting, 59 hours on low setting. The fans are also removable for you to wash the clothes.


To maximise the cooling effect, simply tuck your shirt into your pants to prevent cold air from escaping! Octocool also has heated clothing that are suitable for those living/visiting countries with a colder climate, suitable for snowboarding enthusiasts!


Each purchase comes with 1 cord, 1 charger, 1 battery, and 2 fans that you can install into specific holes in the clothing. Each piece is priced from US$149 onwards, and you can view more of their offering here

Personally, I would think that this technology might be a good implementation for our military uniform, what do you guys think?

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