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There’s plenty of new restaurants that have sprouted in Singapore in the last month alone, and one of the most notable has got to be AIR, a multi-hyphenate dining and lifestyle concept with lush green spaces and an inventive sustainable menu! Read on for what you can expect from the new restaurant. 

AIR occupies a sprawling 40,000 sq ft space, and sits atop Dempsey Hill, surrounded by luxuriant nature and greenery all around. The space is touted as a restaurant, circular campus and cooking club all at once, helmed by renowned chefs who are famed for their sustainable cooking practices.

If you take a lap through and around the entire restaurant area, you’ll realise that the place is constructed in a circular shape, with each space connecting to the next, hence the term “circular campus”. The vibe of the entire place makes you feel like you’re in a garden oasis, tucked away from all the noise of the city, and doesn’t feel like you’re in Singapore at all!

Feel free to traipse through the outdoor garden slash farm, where you can see all the many herbs and vegetables that are being grown to be used in AIR’s food and drink menu. Some of the produce being grown include spinach, mint, lemon balm, black grass jelly, chilli, turmeric, buah keluak and many more.

There’s also a massive Lawn that leads up to the main entrance of the restaurant, where guests will soon be able to picnic on: simply grab one of their picnic baskets, pick a spot on the grass and order your food to dine outside under the sun! The entrance to the restaurant features a 100-metre wooden walkway, where guests can just sit and relax, perhaps with a coffee or drink from the bar—everything feels very laid back here, and there’s really no rules when it comes to dining at AIR.

In case you’re curious about the novel name of the restaurant: AIR actually stands for Awareness, Impact and Responsibility. These 3 facets are embodied in the restaurant’s menu, where you’ll see dishes that champion every single part of the produce, many of which come from local sources and even from the in-house garden—talk about feasting from farm to table!

Whole Seabass for Two, $64

When AIR says they use all parts of the produce, they really do mean every single part, even down to the skin and bones! This is made especially apparent in their Whole Seabass for Two ($64), which utilises every component of the fish, especially parts that are usually overlooked or discarded. It might not come in the usual shape of a whole fish, but rest assured that this is actually the entirety of the fish. Think of this dish as a fish done 3 ways: the fish bones are ground up to create lavash (thin, crispy flatbread), which you can use to scoop up the rillette dip made from bits of the fish that are picked from the collar and head! Of course, the star of the dish is definitely the main fish: 750g of fish that’s cooked to perfection, each bite is uber soft and fork-tender, and goes impeccably well with the creamy charred onion sauce. This is the dish you don’t want to miss when you come to AIR, and we definitely recommend ordering this to share (though we could easily polish the entire dish solo). The fish used in the dish could vary day by day, we had seabass during our visit, but they could also use grouper, or any other fish!

Fermented Cassava Flatbread, $16

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms, $30

White Fish Ceviche, $29

Bread lovers should try the Fermented Cassava Flatbread ($16) that’s like a denser, chewier version of a sourdough bread, and served with the most luscious whipped mushroom “XO” butter for that delicious burst of umami. The Crispy Oyster Mushrooms ($30) makes for a super addictive sharing dish, and is like an elevated version of the popular Taiwanese street snack of deep-fried mushrooms, with the subtlest hint of spice from the Sarawak peppers. For something more refreshing, the White Fish Ceviche ($29) is a great option, with the bitter emping crackers balancing nicely with the cool cucumber and green mango dip.

Re-Incarnated “Chocolate”, $18

The Whole Papaya, $18

Dessert is also an interesting affair, and we got to try two of AIR’s signature dessert offerings: the Re-Incarnated “Chocolate” ($18) and The Whole Papaya ($18). The Re-Incarnated “Chocolate” is named so because while it tastes deceptively like a regular chocolate brownie, it’s actually made from bananas, coffee cascara and cocoa husks! We couldn’t believe that this “chocolate” actually has no real chocolate in it, especially since it tastes almost identical to the real thing, down to the classic bittersweet and rich taste of a chocolate brownie. If you’d like something a little less sweet, go for The Whole Papaya, that’s once again made with the whole fruit, even down to the seeds! The papaya seeds are dried overnight and provide a contrasting crunchy texture to the otherwise soft and jammy dessert; the seeds are also ever so slightly herbaceous, reminiscent of Sichuan peppercorns—a unique treat you probably won’t find elsewhere.

While AIR offers a novel semi-fine dining experience, prices are kept relatively accessible for the quality and thought that goes behind each dish. Mains are priced between $14 to $64, with most dishes averaging around $20-$30, a price point that’s comparable to some cafés in Singapore. You can also opt for a 6-course Chef’s Choice menu for $88++ per person, which works out to just about $14 per dish! AIR is so much more than just a restaurant, and a meal here is truly an experience. With a stunning location that’s perfect for date nights or special occasions, you can be sure that we’ll definitely be back for more.

Currently, AIR only serves dinner starting from 5.30pm onwards, but they’re working on offering all-day dining from breakfast through lunch in the near future. You’ll also soon be able to sign up for cooking workshops and masterclasses by esteemed chefs that are held in-house; and there are also plenty of exciting events lined up, like a farmer’s market pop-up held at the Lawn and more! 


Price: $$

Taste: 9/10

Must-try dish(s): Whole Seabass/Grouper for Two



Address: 25B Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249918

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 5.30pm-11pm