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All-New 24K Gold Uni Scallop Bombs At The Quick Fix Bistro

Much like its name suggests, the Quick Fix Bistro along 4 Jalan Ayer, has become a second home to a slew of regular customers, seeking relaxation, and leisurely enjoyment. Established in 2018, this bistro prides itself in serving the highest quality food at the most affordable prices. Set within a homely atmosphere, Quick Fix Bistro aims to provide luxury experiences in small doses.

Helmed by two friends, who have long shared a common love for the service industry, Quick Fix Bistro represents the collaborative expertise of Joe Lim and Taitiang. Having dedicated years to the alcohol industry, it was not long before the duo banded together to form the family-friendly restaurant which exists today.

Through drawing inspiration from the many friends, and experiences they’ve had throughout the years, Quick Fix Bistro presents a curated list of secret recipe mains, sides, and beverages. Their most notable include, the Sarong Fly – a vodka-based mix created by an old friend named ‘Sarong’, whom they met at the start of their careers in Helipad and KM8.

Undoubtedly smooth, the Sarong Fly is definitely not for the faint of heart. Characterized by an intricate mix of various liquors and juice, the Sarong Fly is sweet, refreshing, and extremely relaxing, making it an ideal choice to unwind, after a long, tough week.

Revered most for their exceptionally well-crafted array of mains and sides, Quick Fix Bistro’s must-try’s include the QF signature ribs, the Heart tapas, and as of late, the 24K Gold Uni Scallop Bomb. Marinated for over 24-hours, the QF signature ribs are incredibly tender with bones which effortlessly slide out from the sides. Complete with special homemade charcoal barbeque sauce, a salad, and perfectly salted French fries, the QF signature ribs are officially my definition of ideal, gourmet comfort food, and are worth every penny of its $29 price tag.

If you’re anything unlike me, the $8 Heart tapas may become you’re next go-to bar snack. Perhaps it’s the fact that I couldn’t stop picturing live chickens in my mind, or I was simply overhyping myself into a frenzy, but trust me, you haven’t lived till you’ve tried these smokey grilled, fresh chicken hearts with a hint of cayenne pepper. All my anxieties brushed aside, I have never and will probably never again, taste anything so juicy in my life. Served hot on a miniature platter, the Heart tapas are presented in bite-sized pieces and pair perfectly with the bistro’s signature Sarong Fly.

Available for a limited time only, the 24K Gold Uni Scallop Bomb is a seasonal special, featuring one Hokkaido scallop engulfed in edible gold, and topped by uni, caviar, and the chef’s mystery sauce!

Served in a spoon-shaped dish, the Uni Scallop Bomb is surprisingly too large to swallow whole, but boasts an immaculate blend of opposing flavors, unexpectedly layered in perfect harmony. Worth $10 a piece, the 24K Gold Uni Scallop Bomb is an innovative addition, not to be missed!

Open daily from Monday to Sunday, at 4pm to 10:30pm, the Quick Fix Bistro along 4 Jalan Ayer, Singapore 389142, provides free WiFi to all guests, and was once home to competitive, pre-covid beer pong challenges – a detail, I hope is eventually reinstated. The Quick Fix Bistro is contactable via Facebook and Instagram.

Quick Fix Bistro:

Monday to Sunday – 4pm to 10:30pm

4 Jalan Ayer, Singapore 389142