Amazing Soft Serves From Around The World

While ice cream has always been the world’s favourite frozen treat, there are variations of ice creams including gelato, sorbet, frozen custard and of course soft serves – one of the more popular options in the market right now. Characterised as a ‘softer’ form of ice cream as compared to usual frozen ones, soft serves also contain lesser milk-fat and are usually produced by special soft serve machines.
Made popular recently are a few soft-serve parlours from around the world – the same ones that have been appearing on our Instagram feed, leaving us pining for one of the fancy sweet treats. Here are some of the most amazing looking soft serves from around the world that you should check out.
REMICONE (Seoul, Korea)

1remiconePhotos: Source and Source
Located in Seoul, REMICONE has taken Instagram by storm – with users posting and sharing pictures of their soft-serves. REMICONE is known for their over-the-top soft serves and dessert concoctions that are at the same time, brightly coloured and topped with toppings such as fluffy cotton candy, macarons.
Aqua S (Sydney, Australia)
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Quite possibly the first soft-serve parlour with blue sea salt flavoured soft serve as their signature item, Aqua S recently opened its doors to the public in Sydney, Australia – serving up a variety of dreamy soft-serves with fancy toppings including cotton candy, popcorn and grilled marshmallows. With its dreamy and pastel-coloured shop interior, Aqua S has not only attracted local fans but visitors from all around the world, flocking to the parlour to get a snapshot of their signature blue soft-serve.
Sweet Jesus (Toronto, Canada)
3sweejesusPhoto: Source and Source
Known for their crazy and indulgent soft-serve creations, Sweet Jesus opened its first outlet late last year in Toronto and has since gained traction rapidly, garnering a considerably large count of almost 16000 followers on Instagram. With a number of flavours to choose from including cinnamon cone crunch and chocolate peanut butter, one can also expect a large selection of toppings ranging from coloured candy rice, churros and even bacon.
Oddies Foodies (Hong Kong)
4oddiefoodiesPhotos: Source and Source
A fusion combination of soft serve with Hong Kong’s popular street food, the egg waffle – this creation originated from Oddies Foodies in Hong Kong and has been well-received by fans in and outside of Hong Kong, leading to its widespread in Asia and other countries including Canada. Other than egg waffle soft serve, the dessert store also has a range of frozen desserts including gelato and parfait.
Daily Chico (Tokyo, Japan)
5dailychicoPhotos: Source and Source
Daily Chico from Tokyo serves up probably the most eye-catching soft serves ever – tall and colourful, with up to 8 different flavours in one cone. With an extensive selection of soft serve flavours such as matcha, coffee, grape, soda and banana flavour to choose from, individuals can create their very own customised rainbow soft serve cone.

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