Animal Cafes From Around The World

If you’ve been following SHOUT for a while you might have noticed the plethora of cafes we have introduced and brought you insight on. This time we present to you a unique ‘genre’ of cafes – animal cafes – that feature and showcase animals you might never have imagined, of course, apart from the cat cafes that you might already be aware of. These cafes, following their feature of animals, possess their own distinct style and direction, making them places to take note of, if not actually visit.
1. Kotori Bird Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)
kotoricafePhoto: Source
Located right across Ghibli Museum is Kotori Cafe, a bird cafe in Tokyo. This unique cafe houses around twenty parrots, sparrows and other small birds, making it the perfect bird-watching spot for bird lovers. Note that patrons can only stay for an hour in the cafe, and a service charge of Y500 (approx SGD6) will be added for a 5-minutes hands-on session with the birds. With the vivid-coloured birds populating the cafe, it is no wonder patrons flock to it to spend some time with them.
2. Oia Alpaca Cafe (Taiwan)
alpacacafePhoto: Source
One-of-a-kind cafe in Taiwan, the Oia Cafe houses a number of fluffy alpacas that roam around the cafe as patrons sip on their cup of coffee – which can truly be quite a sight. As there is no cover charge or entrance fees required, each patron is required to order at least one food item to enjoy some time with the alpacas. Patrons are also welcomed to pet or feed the alpacas with small carrots or potato strips prepared by the cafe owner.
3. Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse Reptile Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)

reptilecafe1Photos: Source
At this oddly interesting cafe, reptiles such as tortoises, lizards and snakes are the main attraction. With most of the reptiles confined in cages or tanks – with the exception of giant tortoises that are free to roam around – it is a relatively safe place for you to enjoy your meal while petting a couple of tame lizards. While there is no cover charge or entrance fee, visitors are expected to order a food item or beverage to enjoy the company of these reptiles at Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse reptile cafe.
4. True Love Husky Cafe (Bangkok, Thailand)

One of Bangkok’s renowned cafes, the True Love Husky Cafe is largely different from the normal cat cafes. Recently patronised by the team at SHOUT, the husky cafe is home to around 17 to 20 full grown huskies with varying lineage. Definitely – worth a visit, with accompanying food and beverage of competent quality, playtime with the huskies at the cafe is bound to be an experience.
5. Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe (Seoul, Korea)
sheepcafe1Photo: Source / Source 
An animal cafe like no other, Thanks Nature cafe features an adorable pair of sheep, Milky and Lily, in a wooden enclosure where patrons are free to pet and interact with them. Patrons can expect these wooly sheep to frolic about as they enjoy their meals, and if you’re lucky, you can catch them playing catching with their owner at the back alley – truly a heart-warming sight.
6. Fukurou Sabou Owl Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)
Photo: Source
With the onslaught and the brief hype about the cat cafes, you might have gotten numb to the idea. The Fukurou Sabou owl cafe in Tokyo, however, is sure to be a definite change of scenery for you. With about 20 owls perched as you walk into the cafe, the owners of the cafe believe in their patrons’ experience as a sort of therapy and solace from the busy and hectic lives most of us may lead. Surely a worth a visit, the owl cafe is worth the experience for the vastly different species residing here, from what we are used to.
7. Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)
rabbitcafePhotos: Source / Source
According to the list above, Japan provides a host of cafes featuring different species of animals – all that’s left are the rabbits! Situated in Harajuku, the Ra.a.g.f rabbit cafe is yet another breath of fresh air from the normal cat cafes we are used to. At a price of Y150 of greens and carrots to feed the rabbits, the rabbits are free to move throughout the space of the cafe although you can play with the ones in the cages as well.
8. Sakuragaoka Goat Cafe (Tokyo, Japan)

goatcafe1Photo: Source / Source
Sakuragaoka Cafe definitely has the wow factor – for they do not have cats nor dogs, but goats where you can play with in the cafe. The two goats, Sakura and Chocolat, became the limelight after the owner of the cafe brought them for daily walks. Since taking care of goats require more time and effort, the pair are fed with special protein-filled pills to prevent foul-smelling droppings that can cause displeasure to the patrons. Despite that, city dwellers still flock to the cafe to visit the two goats.

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