Automated Food and Water Dispensers For Your Pets!

In a post-pandemic world, staying home no longer means taking the day off. Working remotely is tough when you’re juggling both your career, chores, and home affairs all at once, with no safe space for a moment of escape. When the much-anticipated lunch hour is now filled with fulfilling other home-related responsibilities, any form of smart-technology designed to make life easier, now seems more enticing. Tick one responsibility off your endless to-do list with these automated pet feeders and water dispensers!

1. $299 Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain

The Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain is a great way to monitor your pets water intake! Paired with an online application, the Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain offers users data on their pets’ drinking patterns and overall health. Addtionally, to prevent pump burnout, Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain automatically shuts down when there is insufficient water levels in storage, this helps to increase the lifespan of your water pump.

The device also automatically notifies you when there’s low water levels or when the filter requires changing. Complete with an ultra-quiet water pump that does not produce any jarring or frightening noises that may scare away timid pets, this device utilises PP Cotton that filters fur and dirt, Activated Carbon that helps to remove any odors, and Ion-Exchange Resin that helps to soften water. 

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2. $249 Luiga Automated Pet Feeder

Especially useful during the times you’re away from home or caught up in an urgent meeting, the $249 Luiga automated pet feeder enables you to stay on top of meal-time, by scheduling portions for your pet through an online application. Storing up to 3 liters of food at a time, this automated feeder comes complete with two additional sets of sensors which detect when food levels run low. 

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3. $200 Pawbo Munch Smart Treat Dispenser

Keep your pets entertained for prolonged periods of time with the help of the Pawbo munch smart treat dispenser. Helping to train and reward your pets, even while you’re away, this remote controlled dispenser plays catchy music to attract the attention of your pets, whilst its attractive LED display shows images of meat and fish icons to further entertain.

Complete with a  snack input modifier, this device enables owners to control the size and portion of each treat. Additionally, the dispenser’s easy to clean, detachable snack tray prevents treats from rolling aimlessly and minimises mess. The Pawbo munch smart treat dispenser also does not fall off any surface it’s placed on, preventing any accidental spills.

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4. $89 SMARTPAWBurpurr Basic2 Pet Feeder

Enabling owners to set up to You can set up to 6 meals per day and up to 50 portions per meal (1 portion = 5g), the SMARTPAWBurpurr Basic2 pet feeder comes complete with a built-in voice recorder, an infrared sensor to detect when food is low, dual power protection in case of a black out or any power cut situation, and an easy-to-use LCD panel for inputting data.

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5. $66.90 Xiaomi Petkit Pet Smart Water Dispenser Gen 3

Pets often prefer running water over still, as it is less likely to be contaminated. Treat your pets to the cleanest water possible, without regularly turning on the tap with this 1.35 liter smart water dispenser! Utilising a Purolite Purify Filter to effectively weed out impurities, this dispenser comes complete with a built-in water level detector, and touch panel controls. Made from FDA-certified, BPA-free tritan and 304 stainless steel, owners can rest assured that no contaminated particles will emit from this device! 

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6. $38.40 M-Pets Yumi Slow Feed Smart Dog Bowl

M-Pets Yumi Slow Feed Smart Dog Bowl is a smart feeding bowl that is able to automatically calculate your dog’s daily feeding amounts by measuring the weight of their food. The elevated sides of M-Pets Yumi Slow Feed Smart Dog Bowl are designed to prevent food spillage, and reduce mess during and after meal times. Uniquely designed to encourage slower eating to help minimise the possibility of bloating whilst improving digestion, this device is available in three colours – blue, pink, and white!

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