Baby G’s All-New Pastel Watch Designs!

Back in school, Baby G watches were the coolest bling every 90’s and early 2000’s kid had to have. Adored for their durable and versatile design, Baby G has not yet gone out of style and can still easily be paired with any fashion-forward aesthetic from kawaii-esque to streetwear.

Now available in soft pastel hues of pink, purple, green, and a muted yellow, the all-new BGA-280 designs come complete with both digital and analogue face types for a mere $159. Maintaining the qualities which we’ve grown to love about the brand, these watches feature a mineral glass front, and resin body.

Beyond their unique colourways, not much else has changed about the BGA-280, as it remains extremely shock-resistant and adequately waterproof, making it the ideal watch for spontaneous adventure.

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