Bak Kwa-Flavoured Potato Chips: The Cheaper Alternative To Satisfy Your Bak Kwa Cravings!

Jack ‘n Jill Bak Kwa Flavour Potato Chips for just $1.40

Bak Kwa Potato Chips (1)
Sweet and savoury with a barbecued fragrance, bak kwa (barbecued pork slices) are so deliciously easy to devour, but so expensive to have as an everyday snack. Fortunately for us, bak kwa-flavoured potato chips are now a thing thanks to Jack ‘n Jill!
Bak Kwa Potato Chips (2)
Only available for a limited time period at Cold Storage outlets while stocks last, each packet is retailing at just $1.40 (60g).
Bak Kwa Potato Chips (3)
While the chips aren’t as fragrant as the real deal, it doesn’t pale that much in comparison when it comes to taste. Slightly sweet and savoury with a subtle barbecued aroma that lingers in your mouth, it’s a good fix if you’re having some intense bak kwa cravings!

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