Caffè Vergnano – Italy's Oldest Coffee Roasters Opens It's 100th Cafe in Singapore

If you are in the central district area and in need of a good cup of joe, this might just be the place for you. Located in South Beach Avenue, Caffè Vergnano fits glamorously alongside other unique F&B and retail offerings in Singapore’s latest chic retail space.
Just a month into their opening since 14th September 2016, there is already a growing customer base forming up at this newly-opened Italian coffee spot – and it is not difficult to see why. Sky-high ceilings, laid-back music, fully furnished with powerpoints, excellent wifi and incredible authentic Italian coffee backed by a jovial team, this oldest coffee roaster from Italy has hit all the right spots.
Founded in 1882, this family-owned brand originated from the hands of Dominico Vergnano in the small town of Cheri, Turin. With an acute eye for the selection of coffee beans, said founder artfully slow-roasts each batch to a time-honoured perfection.
Come modern times, their very brand has gained a rich prestige that goes along with their long history. Their coffee plantation in Kenya has kick-started the numerous plantations around the world, with their Caffè Vergnano 1882 coffee shops growing exponentially to an impressive count of 99 shops, all run by direct descendants of Dominico.
Imagine our excitement when they announced that their 100th global outlet will be located in our humble city, run by Carolina Vergnano, one of the member of the hands-on 4th generation.
Caffè Vergnano - interior
It is evident that some traits do run through the Vergnano family line as you step into each Caffè Vergnano outlet around the world. The meticulous demeanor to cherry-pick the finest of all can be seen from the modern Italian décor in every one of their shops – from the tasteful choice of furniture and unpretentious furnishings right down to the intricate oak walls.
1882 Bicerin $6.00
Using only quality chocolate that can only be obtained from Italy, the former is poured over their signature espresso. Essentially a concentrated, bittersweet coffee which originated from the Italy in the early 20th century, espresso represents the speed and single-serve nature of the coffee. True to its name, it is thick and strong, the ideal caffeine for that much-needed midweek boost.
Marocchino Speciale $5.00
Marocchino Speciale
A harmonious blend of Caffè Vergnano’s iconic coffee accompanied by the intense chocolate at the base, topped with dusts of cocoa powder, perfetto. With its mild sweetness tickling your taste buds at the start of every mouthful, this cup of indulgence makes it difficult to believe that there is no sugar and syrup added – staying true to the Vergnanos’ love for green coffee.
Delizioso $5.50
Shout - ver
Another spectacular Caffè Vergnano’s offering with everyone’s favourite nutella lining the interior of the cup, this is a recommended order by Shafi Sulaiman, the head barista himself. A choice we must shout about, Delizioso bears the most intense coffee flavour with strong notches of cocoa – this is one for the hard-cores, albeit we wished that we could have tasted more nutella.
Shout - cafe ver counter
SHOUT - Caffè Vergnano muffins
Not on the coffee bandwagon? This coffee joint also serve up an eye-opening selection of Kusmi Teas, cold-pressed juices and Italian craft beers, offering beverages in a cosy hideout even for the most fussiest palate. Together with the array of beverages, have some sweet treats alongside your Wednesday’s ladies chatter or the casual business meeting.
Carrot Cake with walnuts $7.50
Caffè Vergnano - carrot cake
Not as dense as your usual carrot cake, this rendition is packed full of flavourful cinnamon without tasting too heavy. The handfuls of walnuts amidst the cake added a good bite to this classic dessert, with its cream cheese frosting attaining just the right amount of salty-sweet.
Tiramisu $8.50
Caffè Vergnano - tiramisu
This is one for those without a sweet tooth. Achieving a delicate balance between sweet and bitterness, the moist ladyfingers are signs of what a good ol’ Tiramisu should be. Without being too cloying, the light mousse that sits between the layers of sponge added a contrast of texture to the soaked finger biscuits.
This 114 sqm concept cafe also offers a plethora of take-home merchandises. Choose from their range of coffee blends – including Arabic, Creamy & Intense, before sampling them with the adjacent coffee machine, providing customers with the liberty to taste their coffee selections before they enjoy them back at home.
Instead of the mass one-cup disposable capsules, Caffè Vergnano sells compatible capsules which are refillable and reusable, making that daily cup of guilty pleasure a little less guilty.
Caffè Vergnano - workshop
Shout ver
We have to give it to the peeps at Caffè Vergnano for coming out with their very own coffee workshops, a truly commendable gesture to promote the local coffee movement. Partake in their Espresso or Latte creative workshop, where you get to further your knowledge on the process of pulling consistent shots of espresso to prepare a variety of beverages, or develop control of texturing velvety-smooth milk whilst artfully pouring designs into your cup.
Each workshop typically extends for 3 hours on Sunday afternoons for $150/pax.
Shout - ver
All in all, with spacious seatings, a functional communal table, wifi connection and plenty of power sockets, just a
forewarning – leaving this cafe might be harder than it seems.
Address: 26 Beach Rd, #B1-17 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 0800 – 2100, Saturday – Sunday 1000 – 1800
Contact: +65 6385 5579

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