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The “Most Instagrammable” Bubble Tea from Taiwan is Coming to Singapore in March 2020

Search the hashtag ‘bubbletea’ on Instagram and chances are, you’ll find a slew of perfectly curated pictures of the popular drink. Come March, find tons of images from a certain bubble tea brand that’s coming to Singapore, and that’s Chun Fun How. 

This Taiwanese bubble tea brand, unbeknown among Singaporeans, has 15 outlets worldwide with expansionary plans in Canada and Indonesia. Its first flagship Singapore outlet is set to officially open in mid-March 2020 at The Esplanade Mall, and will bring the premium drinks and beautiful floral cup designs its known for. 

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Expect artfully crafted drinks with premium ingredients imported directly from Taiwan, such as specially selected Four Seasons Oolong Tea from Nan Tou. There will be a variety of bubble tea flavours to choose from, including those from the Sweet Potato Series. In case you didn’t know, Chun Fun How created the first Sweet Potato Bubble Tea and has become a crowd-favourite ever since. 

The Aloe Vera series would make for refreshing options on a hot day. All drinks in this series contain juicy aloe vera bits with all natural Taiwanese fresh fruits. No artificial flavouring or preservatives included. 

Popular is also the Winter Melon Series. Find winter melon blended with refreshing oolong tea and lemonade among some options. As with Chun Fun How’s all-natural branding, only the highest quality winter melon sugar from Taiwan is used. 

If it helps, the top five drinks from Chun Fun How are: Lychee Four Season with Aloe Vera, Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearls, Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea, Winter Melon Lemonade with Pearls and Winter Melon Oolong Tea. Take your pick, and come March, we’ll see if Chun Fun How really is the most Instagrammable bubble tea brand from Taiwan. 

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