Container-Themed Market On Wheels Is Back At Bedok Mall With Lobster Rolls And Unicorn Milkshakes

Street graffiti and photo-worthy bites for Easties

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (5)
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (4)
If there’s one thing Singaporeans love, it’s street markets with good food, groovy music, and pretty lights – everything the container pop-up market Market On Wheels is. Lucky for the East-siders, it’s back again once more for its 3rd edition at Bedok Mall from 12th October – 11th November!
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (17)
Themed “Street Edition”, the containers are covered with impressive graffiti artworks that double as Instagrammable backdrops, and you can expect crowd-favourite food vendors with brand new menu offerings, retail selections, and as usual, live performances.

Tasty bites and beverages

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (2)
Make a beeline for the photo-worthy pop-up market essentials like Egg Stop, Cereal Citizen, and KECha Singapore! As the saying goes, “pics or it didn’t happen”, so snap away at steaming hot toast sandwiches stuffed with toppings like tender beef slices, creamy scrambled eggs, and juicy bacon strips, or get your dose of edible cuteness in the form of a unicorn milkshake!

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (22)Beef Teriyaki ($7.90) and Turkey Bacon & Cheese ($6) from Egg Stop

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (11)Unicorn Milkshake ($10) from Cereal Citizen

You can also relieve your childhood with a giant pastel-hued cotton candy from Cereal Citizen!

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (3)Rainbow Cotton Candy ($5) from Cereal Citizen

Other mouth-watering must-haves include Beef Bro’s blow-torched beef cubes, which you can enjoy either on its own or with their decadent mentaiko sauce, Shawarma’s hearty kebab wraps and salads, and The Juicy Way’s savoury counterpart – The Juicy Bites.

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (6)Beef Cubes ($12.90) from Beef Bro

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (16)Sharwama Chicken Salad ($6), Chicken Arrays ($7), and Chicken Zaffron Rice ($6) from Sharwama

Boasting a revamped menu that features delicious new combo meals like a chunky Boston Lobster Roll, Kabayaki Unagi Mantou, and Mango Chicken Katsu Mantou, The Juicy Bites even has Truffle and Seaweed Fries for you to snack on!

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (20)Kabayaki Unagi Mantou With Seaweed Fries ($9.90) and Boston Lobster Roll With Truffle Fries ($16.90) from The Juicy Bites

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (14)Of course, The Juicy Way and their 100% fresh fruit juices are also present!

Savour KECha’s latest drink additions like Thai Milk Tea, Sakura Milk Tea, and Butterscotch Beer with Vanilla Ice Cream, and end off your feast with a sweet dessert – artisanal ice cream from Annette Ice Cream! Made entirely with natural ingredients, flavours include interesting options like Coconut, Durian, and Bubble Gum.

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (18)Taiwan Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($3.90), Passion Star ($4.90), Butterscotch Beer with Vanilla Ice Cream ($7.90) from KECha

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (26)Chocolate Banana ($5) and Angel Berry ($5) from Annette Ice Cream

Vintage loots, performances, and activities

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (10)
When you’ve had your fill of tasty snacks, step into Vintagewknd and browse through racks of good quality vintage gems sourced from thrift shops all around the world! Priced affordably at about $17 – $35, there are also some premium selections are in mint conditions with a slightly higher price tag.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (9)
From shirts, skirts, dresses, and outerwear to men’s shirts and plus-sized items, you’ll definitely be able to find something that catches your eye!
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (13)
An array of live performances will also be available on Fridays and Saturdays for you to enjoy, and while there aren’t any neon-lit signs this time, now’s the chance for you to shoot some edgy photos with their bright container walls decked out in graffiti!

Market On Wheels at Bedok Mall

Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (8)
The first pop-up market to be held outside Bedok Mall, Market On Wheels is a breath of fresh air in the heartlands.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (19)
No longer do we Easties have to travel all the way to Central Singapore to get a taste of what’s trending at pop-up festivals! Best of all, MOW x Bedok Mall is conveniently located right next to Bedok MRT station where you can escape the heat and relax in the mall in comfort after exploring the market.
Check out some of the new and exciting offerings at the mall below:


Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (23)
Famous for being the shoot location of a few Korean dramas like “It’s OK, That’s Love”, Korean coffee chain Coffeesmith just opened a new outlet in Bedok Mall early this year. Soak in their signature industrial-themed interior that’s adorned with K-pop paraphernalia and unwind with a cuppa and some brunch fare – they offer an extensive variety of beverages, cakes, and Korean desserts!
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (1)
Keep a lookout for their new menu items too – the French Toast will be made available sometime this week, while the Eggs Benedict will be launched next month.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (12)
Unit: #01-78


Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (21)
Get onboard the Korean beauty trend at Laneige, a heavyweight in the global makeup and skincare industry! Well-known for their extremely hydrating Water Sleeping Mask, which now comes in a Lavender edition too, Laneige’s latest products are the Water Bank Hydro Essence and Moisture Essence, and the Layering Cover Cushion & Concealing Base.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (25)
Achieve the signature radiant and dewy Korean beauty look by moisturising your face from beneath the surface level with their brand new essences, and look flawless on the go with their conveniently sleek 2-in-1 foundation cushion and concealer compact – it’s the first Korean beauty product to combine these two together!
Unit: #01-91


Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (15)
The first bubble and fruit tea store and artisan bakery combined in Singapore, MUYOO+ is where you can get all kinds of food trends and bubble tea under one roof.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (7)
From dainty Euro Soft-rolls and messy “dirty” buns to brown sugar pearls and cheese caps, there are 3 bread and drink series in total, which includes the Sweet Series for those with a sweet tooth, the Dirty Series for those who want a photo for the ‘gram, and the Savoury Series, for those who are looking for a more filling snack.
Market On Wheels Bedok Mall (24)
Unit: #01-94
Market On Wheels @ Bedok Mall
Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360
Date: 12th October – 11th November

This post was sponsored by Bedok Mall.

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