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Craft Pizza & Rescue Bees @ The Sundowner’s Rooftop Urban Farm & Lounge

Take a moment of escape from the bustling cafes and bars of the Siglap restaurant belt, and enter into the Sundowner’s quiet oasis of green.

Situated within a once empty concrete rooftop, the Sundowner is an urban farm and lounge which offers guests the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of organic farming from a master gardener; don a bee suit and get cosy with some bees; and sample unifloral honey and other farm-to-table infusions through the ‘Rooftop Farm’ experience.

The Sundowner also invites guests to join their 3 hour pizza-making experience, 1.5 hour cocktail-mixing workshop set in a desert dwelling replete with sand floor, mood lighting and music, and unwind over drinks and a movie at the rooftop farm’s dedicated lounge area.

Other notable activities include a family-friendly Terrarium Building workshop, which enables participants to design and build their very own mini universe through understanding soil, its micro-organisms, and the factors required for each ecosystem to flourish, alongside the unique Bee Rescue experience which reminds participants of the importance of bees and how to coexist comfortably with these creatures.


The Sundowner

Address: 705A East Coast Road Singapore 459062

Rooftop Farm Experience Price: (Adult) $115, (Child) $85

Secret Pizza Club Price: (Adult) $125, (Child): $95

Lounge Session Price: (Adult) $50 includes 2 cocktails / mocktails, (Youth) $30 includes 2 non-alcoholic drinks

Terrarium Building Workshop Price: $500 (For 5pax & below)

Bee Rescue Price: $150-$350

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