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Crusty’s New Bubble Tea Popcorn: Is It a Pass?

Popcorn has always been a quintessential snack, mostly because of how easy they are to eat and finish. Local tidbit brand Crusty’s ventures into the popcorn world with a flavour almost every Singaporean loves: bubble tea. And because we love trying out new things, we had to lay our hands on this exciting snack!

The familiar taste of milk tea will hit immediately upon first try. However, we also got the same aftertaste you get when you drink a cup of tea — it didn’t sit quite well with us, but kudos to the folks at Crusty’s for bringing the authentic taste of bubble tea as much as possible.

Texture wise, it’s exactly like normal popcorn — fluffy and delicate. For those wondering if there’s pearls inside, the answer is no, but that’s something we’ll be looking forward to in the future: bubble tea popcorn with pearls!

For now, Crusty’s Bubble Tea Popcorn is a pass because it’s locally made (support local!) and is still a rather unique flavour.

You can get Crusty’s Bubble Tea Popcorn at Fairprice for $3.60 a pack, or directly from Crusty’s Website for $54 for 12 packets.

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