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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dreamcore, they’re a custom PC brand for gamers, creators and everyday users; with the aim of making the experience of PC customisation easy, fuss-free and accessible to all via guided and personalised customer service. As a testament to their achievements in the tech scene, Dreamcore has managed to clinch a spot in the Top 15 Emerging Enterprise Awards 2021 presented by The Business Times and OCBC Bank.

Since its inception in 2016, local PC brand Dreamcore has grown tremendously and gained a steady following of loyal fans, both avid gamers and casual PC users alike. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend the Dream Centre’s grand opening event—which was a roaring success—earlier this December, but instead, the folks at Dreamcore kindly invited us over for a private tour of the amazing new 10,000 sqft space! 

Upon reaching Dream Centre doorstep, you’ll be greeted by a quirky and whimsical—almost psychedelic— custom mural done by Tell Your Children, done up in classic Dreamcore purple tones, with little nods to pop-culture icons, computer references, hidden Dreamcore logos and more; trying to spot all these secret easter eggs is like a game in itself (even Marvel’s Doctor Strange is featured on the wall!). The swirling patterns on the mural acts like a portal of sorts, a magical doorway to a hidden world; get past the mural and you’ll be in a whole new world—the Dream Centre.

First impressions: walking into the Dream Centre is quite something else; brightly lit with extremely high ceilings and a very open concept all around, plus several touches of nature, standing in the Dream Centre feels like you’ve stepped into another realm altogether—one where technology and nature meets and coexists in the same space. This is exactly the kind of feelings the Dream Centre is made to evoke, the choice to add trees in the decor is not a random one, but one that is fully thought through. Even the banners and posters around the space are designed in-house, and are made to resemble the sunset. To someone who isn’t familiar with tech, buying a computer for the first time can be daunting, and stepping into a space that is merely grey, monotonous and filled with unfamiliar tech can come off as cold or clinical, and so much more intimidating than it has to be. The Dream Centre is nothing like that at all, the conscious and purposeful decision to incorporate hints of nature into the design makes the experience one that is approachable and relatable to all, no matter if you’re well-versed in the world of tech or are a complete novice—anyone and everyone is welcome here.

The Dream Centre’s highly open concept speaks to their ethos of transparency in every aspect: from the central Experience Centre that lacks ceilings, the Dream Factory with clear glass panels in full view of the public, to open configuration stations and even open staff rooms and offices. Why the need for such openness and transparency, you ask? Thanks to the lack of ceilings, the space becomes much bigger than it actually is, making it super airy and not at all suffocating—the complete opposite of what people view conventional office spaces to be like. All this is to improve employees welfare and mental health, as the employees are the heart of Dreamcore, each one playing a salient role in the company. The open environment makes working in Dreamcore more relaxed, and gives plenty of room for easy and efficient collaboration between colleagues, even between different departments. Since discussions can be done and questions answered in real-time, work efficiency is heightened exponentially, and this efficiency in turn benefits Dreamcore’s customers, who get to enjoy quicker and better service.

Dreamcore employees also get to enjoy amazing staff welfare and benefits: with a well-stocked vending machine, fully functional pantry, affectionately dubbed “quiet corner” where they can relax to take mental breaks and Xbox/Nintendo Switch corner—working at Dreamcore seems, well, like a dream.

At the core of the Dream Centre experience is customer service, something that Dreamcore is passionate and dedicated to perfecting. Every customer who comes into Dreamcore is guaranteed personalised and tailored services, no matter their needs. Trust-building is a key part of the customer experience at Dream Centre; buying a PC—especially a custom PC—is a huge commitment, both financially and emotionally, so it’s paramount that you are absolutely sure of what you’re getting before putting down the payment. At Dream Centre, you’ll be able to touch and feel all the PCs, play with them to your heart’s content and get all your burning questions answered at the Space Bar. When you come down to Dream Centre to buy a PC, you’ll be hooked up with one of Dreamcores experts, who’ll speak with you on all your wants and needs for your PC.

Dreamcore isn’t one to peddle PCs with all the (unnecessary) bells and whistles for an exorbitant price, so you can rest assured that your custom PC will be entirely personalised and fitted to your specific needs. If you aren’t looking for an extremely high performing PC and just want something basic, you can pick up one of Dreamcore’s pre-built Dream Build models, and they’ll have it ready for you within the hour (subject to availability). Otherwise, custom orders usually take around 9-14 business days, as Dreamcore likes to adopt the practice of “under promising and over delivering” to their customers. If ever you decide you want to jazz up your custom PC even more, you can always come back for upgrades as Dreamcore offers lifetime support for all their PCs. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase anything at Dreamcore, you’re welcome to come down to Dream Centre any time to play some games at one of the 8 stations set up in the Experience Centre! That’s right—you can come to Dream Centre just to play Valorant for hours at absolutely no cost at all, and you don’t even need to make an appointment! 

Whether you’re looking for a custom gaming PC with all the works, or something more basic for everyday use, or you just want to hang out, Dream Centre has something for everyone. What’s more: you can check out their year-end sale of 2021 that’s currently ongoing for massive discounts and exclusive bundles on all their best-selling items! That’s not all—spend a minimum of $2000 and get a brand new MSI monitor for free! What are you waiting for? Check out Dreamcore’s December sale online or onsite today!


Address: Precise Tree, 55 Kim Chuan Drive #09-01, Singapore 537098 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-8pm; Saturday-Sunday, 11am-6pm