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Durian Cheese Pizza?! Pizza Hut Singapore Launches New Flavour

The durian flavoured pizza caused quite a stir when it was launched in Malaysia earlier this year. Now, Singaporean durian fans will finally get to enjoy the flavour too, as Pizza Hut Singapore launches the Cheesy 7D Pizza on 3rd September.


The new pizza comes with pieces of durian flesh and a blend of seven different types of cheese, including Provolone, Mozzarella, Gouda, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Romano, Parmesan, and Cream Cheese.


The Cheesy 7D Pizza will be available for dine-in and delivery, with many package deals such as the Durian & Choc Dessert Box that comes with the pizza and a chocolate waffle for $29.50.


Those who love cheese but are not a fan of durian can always opt for the traditional Cheesy 7 Pizza, which only comes with the 7 types of cheese and is available in 3 flavours – Nacho & Chic, Original, and Hawaiian.

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