Enjoy Exclusive 1-For-1 Deals At The Manhattan FISH MARKET From Just $15.95!

The limited-edition catch of the year


Just flash these coupons over the counter to redeem the deal!

Starting this December to 31st January, feasting on premium seafood won’t result in a hefty bill anymore because The Manhattan FISH MARKET is offering unbelievably value-for-money deals for you and a buddy! Take your pick from 1-for-1 sets with various combos, which even include new menu items:

Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips x Fried Country Mushrooms

Original Price: $29.90 | 1-For-1: $15.95


Made with hand-battered fillets and drizzled with a generous amount of their signature Garlic Herb sauce, the Dory ‘n Chips usually comes with a side of chips and a refreshing dollop of Minty Apple Slaw. For this promotion, it comes with Fried Country Mushrooms, which are juicy button mushrooms battered, deep-fried, and served with a sweet and spicy Cajun Honey sauce!

Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips & Oh My Aglio Olio

Original Price: $29.90 | 1-For-1: $16.95


For those of you who can’t do without carbs, opt for the set that comes with a Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips and an Oh My Aglio Olio. An upgraded version of the staple pasta dish, it’s served with a heap of meaty mussels, prawns, and squid sautéed with garlic and chilli flakes till just done.


Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips x Cajun Wings

Original Price: $38.90 | 1-For-1: $17.95


While The Manhattan FISH MARKET is known for their premium seafood, their Cajun Wings is also a popular best-seller and we’re not surprised. A crispy dry rub coated lavishly with Cajun spice and a squeeze of lemon for a tangy zest, order the 1-for-1 Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips x Cajun Wings promotion if you’re craving for some finger-licking goodness!


Mediterranean Baked Dory & Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips

Original Price: $30.90 | 1-For-1: $18.95


If one of you aren’t a fan of fried food, go for the Mediterranean Baked Dory and Manhattan Dory ‘n Chips set instead. Baked and slathered with an aromatic sauce made from various herbs and spices, the fillet was tender while firm and accompanied by Garlic Herb rice and tangy Hawaiian Salsa to whet your appetite!


Fishy Chicky Bang Bang & Mediterranean Baked Dory

Original Price: $31.90 | 1-For-1: $22.95


To get the best of both worlds, order the Mediterranean Baked Dory and Fishy Chicky Bang Bang combo – the latter is a dish that allows you to savour both a crispy dory fillet and juicy chicken fillet, and the best part of all? There’s cheddar cheese drizzled all over and a sunny-side up egg to boot.


Manhattan Flaming Prawns & Cheese Steak Stacker

Original Price: $34.90 | 1-For-1: $24.95


If you and your buddy are those who like to go big or go home, this one’s for you – the Manhattan Flaming Prawns and Cheese Steak Stacker set. Great for prawn and mayo lovers, watch as 8 large grilled prawns topped with a dollop of mayonnaise is blowtorched right in front of your eyes till the exterior is lightly charred, and dig into a sandwich tower made from fluffy toast, sliced beef, lots of cheese, and plenty of fresh greens!


Locate your nearest The Manhattan FISH MARKET outlet here!


Note: The promotion is available for dine-in at all restaurants except Changi Airport T1 only.

This post was sponsored by The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

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