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Extremely Spicy Habanero Snacks Sold at NTUC for $3.50!

We’ve seen our fair share of spicy snacks in the market, with the majority coming from familiar brands like Doritos and Cheetos or in mala flavour. But Pepper-King? We never knew there was another worthy contender in the spicy snack department till we tried the German brand’s mouth-numbing popcorn and chips.


Not to be confused with ghost pepper, Pepper-King uses habanero pepper, one of the hottest chillis in the world. Depending on whether you prefer to suffer first or later, both versions will have you rushing for water. 
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The spiciness from the Habanero Popcorn will hit you instantly — you might have to take a break before going for more. However, for some reason, the popcorn isn’t crispy — which probably will not matter anyway once you’re distracted from the spice. Snack on this if you’re forced to go on a boring movie date, you’ll definitely be kept awake for sure. 
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Don’t get overconfident with the Habanero Kessel Chips, because the spice will set in later! But put the spiciness aside, these chips are actually pretty great for snacking as they’re thicker than regular potato chips and carry a smokey BBQ flavour. And if you can tolerate the heat, these Pepper-King chips can get a little addictive. Just make sure to keep it away from children, as stated on the label! 


Source: Pepper King | Facebook
Source: Pepper King | Facebook

Oh, they’re also vegan friendly, which means everyone can enjoy it! Time to turn the heat up at your next party. 

The Pepper-King Habanero Popcorn and Habanero Kessel Chips are available at NTUC at $3.50 a pack. 

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