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For SGD100, You Will Receive A Video Greeting From Internet Sensation Steven Lim Himself!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Singapore’s circuit breaker, many of us might be looking for ways to earn some cash while staying at home. 

We came across Steven Lim’s Instagram and found out that he managed to turn the situation around and earned a whopping estimated amount of *SGD30,000! Read on to find out how this enigmatic personality managed to pull this off!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock all this while, the name “Steven Lim” would definitely be familiar to you. This YouTube sensation first rose to fame in the 2003 Singapore Idol and following that, he has set up his own talent agency and even had a short boxing stint!


To cope with the difficult time during Singapore’s circuit breaker period, Steven Lim came up with a creative solution to support his personal endeavours. For SGD100, clients will receive a customized online video greeting.


Typically, his video greeting caters mainly to birthday shout outs, where he sings a simple birthday song and reposts images of the dedicated recipient. In some videos, he can even be seen playing the keyboard and dancing! Talk about showmanship!


Seeing how most of his clients have expressed their satisfaction towards his service, we are honestly quite tempted to try out his service to surprise some of our unexacting colleagues! Some clients even mentioned that this $100 was the “best money spent”!

To date, we counted at least 300 video greetings on his Instagram, which translate to about SGD30,000 of revenue earned* in the last 2 months! 

To engage in his video greeting services, simply reach out to Steven Lim himself on his 24-hour hotline: +65 87996634


*Figures stated are purely derived from our personal observation and are not confirmed by Steven Lim

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