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Free AI Virtual App Transforms Your Workouts Into An Arcade Game!

We discovered a fun fitness app that makes you feel like you are playing an arcade game while losing calories, and it’s completely free!

The HomeCourt app uses the camera on your device to turn sports training into a live action video game and your performance will be tracked to give you a full picture of your improvement over time.

The app offers different drills, including crossfit and basketball drills, to improve on your stamina and agility! Each drill lasts from 30-60 seconds and to keep track of your progress, the app records your personal best timings.

We tried it out and the virtual game element(which is extremely accurate by the way) really makes it fun and engaging.  As couchsurfing, netflix binge-watchers, we really took to this app almost immediately and we rate it a 5 out of 5!(non-sponsored)

No additional equipment is needed as long as you have an iPhone or iPad, which makes it an ideal training tool to have during this circuit breaker period.

The HomeCourt app is free and it is available exclusively on the Apple App Store as of now!

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