Free The Robot
We know how it feels living and working in the city, so if you’d ever like to free the robot within you, fear not for we have found the perfect scout. An extension cafe from their original niche Bitters & Love, a cocktail and spirits line, Free The Robot invites reminiscence of your childhood days with a cosy interior grunge. Furthermore, Free The Robot promotes fresh preparation of food accompanied with their very commendable signature trait – affordability. A concise menu paired with signature roast coffee choices and recommended mains (with the side of a quiet rainy day), this cafe is perfect for a repose.
Hashbrowns (SGD $3)
One of the sides on the menu, the hashbrowns are reminiscent of the Singaporean fried carrot cake. Flavourful and tangy in taste, this interesting choice at Free The Robot is juicy and crispy, and more impressively made from scratch.
Sous Vide Egg (SGD $3)
A classic spin on the soft boiled egg, Free The Robot’s sous vide egg will definitely take your taste buds for a spin with a combination of truffle and a tender strip of bacon. Delicate touches and flavours for a delicate palette, this side is sure to please.
Jamison Sundried Tomatoes Toastie (SGD $6)
Crispy on the outside, and soft and crunchy on the inside is the accurate description for this recommended and dearly loved sandwich at Free The Robot. With a generous dash of pepper and spice together with a meaty combination of sundried tomatoes, this is the sandwich to satisfy your cravings if you are looking for a quick yet filling bite to last you your day.
Handmade Chicken Mushroom Meatball Linguine (SGD $9)
pasta1 copy
If you are looking for balance in your conventional pasta, the meatballs and pasta combination from the cafe is a delectable choice. Neither too salty nor too creamy, this dish is generously layered with meatballs in a perfectly aligned taste.
Free The Robot Signature (SGD $6)
The signature house roast of Free The Robot, a thick and creamy, yet slightly sweet blend with embedded flavours of coconut, espresso and milk is sure to be the best accompaniment to a heavy meal. This ensemble is topped off with splendid coffee art, sure to perk up your senses and mood.
Coffee Cold Blended (SGD $6.50)
The cold house blend is a definite must-try when it comes to Free The Robot. Smooth and decadent, this bottle of coffee is a sweet end to the tasty treats Free the Robot can offer.
118 Telok Ayer Street, 068587
Business Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
Phone: 6438 1836
Instagram: @FREE.THE.ROBOT

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