Go-Jek Is Coming To Singapore To Compete With Grab!

We hope for cheaper rides and services that run errands for us just like how it is in Indonesia!


Source: @gojekindonesia

Known for being Indonesia’s leading ride and services app, Go-Jek has reportedly announced plans to launch in Singapore as early as this month. That’s wonderful news for us as we hope to see more competitive fares!

Disclaimer: These services are what Go-Jek offers in Indonesia and it’s not for certain yet that it’s the same here.

Go-Jek is almost like a virtual butler! Is your body aching? Go-Jek can send a masseur to your home. No time to run to the supermarket? You can purchase your groceries through the app and have it delivered to your doorstep. Too tired to get down to spring cleaning? They provide house-cleaning services too. How amazing is that?!

gjSource: Inside Indonesia


Source: @gojekindonesia

Other services include food delivery, logistics moving, and bill payment, and you can even buy movie and event tickets or get a makeover via the app. In other words, you can just chill at home and not worry about anything!

For updates on Go-Jek’s official launch in Singapore, keep a lookout here. 

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