Go On A Free Virtual Tour Into Japan’s Ghibli Museum!

If you’re a fan of My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away, chances are you’re probably no stranger to Studio Ghibli. Known for being one of the must-visit attractions in Japan, the Ghibli Museum offers the most immersive experience for not just Studio Ghibli fans, but for people who want to experience the art of animation.

You can now experience Japan’s famous Ghibli Museum online and take exclusive virtual tours inside the museum! The museum recently opened up a brand new YouTube channel for fans to view the museum while it is temporarily closed. You’ll get to appreciate art installations and even an exclusive view of the museum at night! Tickets are usually hard to get and reservations have to be made way in advance, so this is a good opportunity to visit this museum for free!

Take a magical trip to the Ghibli Museum in Japan here!


Image courtesy of Japan Travel


Image courtesy of No.1 Japan Travel


Images courtesy of Ministry on Flickr


Images courtesy of Ghibli Museum

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