Going Green With Avocado Buns

From Doughritos to Rainbow Bagels, there are literally no limits on the latest food trends around the globe. Having said that we now introduce you to the latest contender in the industry – the Avocado Bun. Originating from Amsterdam, the Avocado version is a healthy if not unorthodox twist on the conventional bun. Created by Food Stylist Colette Dike, her creations have obtained overcrowding attention.

The Avocado Bun has soon achieved many permutations – the Breakfast Burger to the Sweet Potato Falafel Burger – and has proven to be undefying when it comes to pairing with ingredients.

First up is the Loaded Smoked Salmon Sandwich on an Avocado Bun alongside Truffle Mayo, Capers, Red Onion and Lettuce. Definitely a must-have for health junkies who desire the fat-free yet long for that little bit of tang.

If you happen to arrive during Breakfast or you simply cannot resist All-Day Breakfast menus, they also have the Breakfast Burger which entails the Avocado Bun sandwiched between Whipped Feta, Onion, Tomato, Crispy Bacon and a Fried egg on top. This will definitely save you room for lunch!

Who says Cheese Burgers have to be round and have golden brown burger buns? An Avocado Bun will not take the taste we know and love so well away! It might even embellish the whole ensemble just like this delicious cheesy creation.

The popularity of the Avocado is ever-growing and burgeoning everywhere, even here in our little red dot. It has made its way into unfamiliar yet exceptional recipes and has no doubt won its way into the hearts of foodies everywhere – this is definitely not the last we will see of it.

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