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We know how much you loved our last compilation of HDL cheat codes for freebies, so we’ve done the work and gathered even more freebie hacks that you can claim the next time you’re at HDL! You’re welcome. If you haven’t seen our last compilation of HDL freebies, check them out here

1. Rose Bandung Float 

TikTok: @babaizmeee

Say goodbye to the root beer float, and give HDL’s Rose Bandung Float a try instead! Think the classic sweet rose bandung drink from your favourite coffee shop, but taken to the next level with the addition of a dollop of vanilla ice cream. No need to say any embarrassing words or phrases to claim this one: according to the TikTok posted by user @babaizmeee, the drink is a secret off-menu item that you can get for free just by asking for it!

TikTok: @babaizmeee

From the original TikTok, the user got the drink at HDL’s JCube outlet, but the item might also be available at other HDL outlets as well. If you really want the Rose Bandung Float, it’s best to call ahead to the outlet you’ll be visiting and placing a pre-order for the drink. 


2. Portable Hand-held Fan

TikTok: @julynnlau

Need to cool down after your steamy hotpot session? HDL’s got your back. Ask for a portable hand-held fan in adorable designs like a pineapple, tomato and more with the code “今天天气好热啊!” (jīn tiān tiān qì hǎo rè ā!), which means “The weather is so hot today!”!

TikTok: @julynnlau

The fan isn’t battery operated so you’ll have to manually get it to work by constantly pressing the side button. If you’re not looking to exercise your fingers for cool air, you might want to give this hack a pass. 


3. Blind Boxes

TikTok: @mered3d

POP MART fans will love this one: you can get free blind boxes at HDL, and not just any ol’ blind boxes, but HDL’s very own range of exclusive characters! Want to get your hands on these adorable HDL figurines? No code needed, just ask! Simply ask the staff if they have any 盲盒 (máng hé), or blind boxes

TikTok: @x1n.r0ng

The fun part is that HDL keeps releasing new blind box series, so you won’t know what kind of characters you’ll be getting during your visit. The blind box figurines feature HDL’s mascots with various popular hotpot ingredients, and there are different character designs available for you to collect.


4. Toys 

Image Credit: Carousell (@earlgreymilk)

Unleash your inner child with HDL’s exclusive collectible toys! Get cute kid-friendly (and adult-friendly) toys featuring the cheeky “XiaoHai” mascot” just by saying one of these phrases: 你看我像小朋友吗? (nǐ kàn wǒ xiàng xiǎo péng yǒu má?), which means “Do I look like a kid to you?”; or 我们这桌都是小朋友 (wǒ mén zhè zhuō doū shì xiǎo péng yǒu), which means “We’re all kids at this table”.

TikTok: @agnesboo

The toys come individually packaged in a plastic packaging, so you can enjoy the element of surprise as you tear it open. Note that the toys are subject to change, and are available while stocks last, so each HDL outlet may offer different toys during your visit. 


5. Mango Shaved Ice Dessert

TikTok: @theroycelee

Forget about going to a Taiwanese dessert café for your mango shaved ice fix, HDL has it for free! No need for any code or phrase, you can just order it directly from the staff (subject to availability)! According to @theroycelee on TikTok, he ordered his mango shaved ice from HDL’s Plaza Singapura outlet, and HDL has since added the mango shaved ice as a permanent menu item.

TikTok: @theroycelee

HDL’s bowl of mango shaved ice comes with mango-flavoured shaved ice and is topped with chunky mango puree and freshly chopped fruits like kiwi. Try asking for this cool dessert for a refreshing end to your hotpot meal!


6. Gel Manicure with Nail Art

HDL’s free gel manicures are no secret, and used to be super popular a couple years back before having to be put to a halt due to the pandemic. Good news is: the free gel manicures are back at selected outlets, with each outlet having their own time slots for manicures (no more walk-ins allowed).

TikTok: @dewiputriing 

That’s not all, aside from the classic solid colours (over 500 to choose from), you can even get nail art done as well (subject to availability)! If you’re looking to do your nails at HDL, make sure to call ahead to check and secure a slot.


7. Chopsticks

We love how even HDL’s utensils add to the overall dining experience: like their extra long chopsticks that make it easier for us to fish for ingredients from the boiling hot soup without burning or splashing on our hands. If you’d like to recreate the experience at home, here’s a hack where you can get HDL’s iconic chopsticks for free! 

TikTok: @agnesboo

TikTok user @agnesboo claimed her free chopsticks at HDL’s Century Square outlet by saying the code “你觉得我快乐吗?” (nǐ jué dé wǒ kuài lè má?), which means “Do you think I look happy?” Now you can bring HDL’s bamboo chopsticks home with you as a keepsake!

[Disclaimer] As with all other HDL hacks, some of the items or menu are outlet-exclusive or subject to the stocks available at each outlet. Therefore, you might not be able to claim all the freebies at once from one HDL outlet, so if you’re looking to claim a specific hack at a particular outlet, make sure to call the outlet ahead to avoid disappointment! Otherwise, have fun trying your luck with these cheat codes!


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